Hound Your New Go-To-App


Hound Your New Go-To-App

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[Hound Your New Go-To-App]

[Hound:] Source: LYBIO.net
This is Hound. It’s my go-to app it helps me get more done instantly. With Hound I save time swiping and typing just by using my voice and saying, okay Hound.

Show me how to get from Union Square to Golden Gate Bridge.

Whether I’m searching for directions, the latest news, listening to music or getting a fun fact, Hound has me covered.

And using Hound is like having a conversation. No more speaking in keywords, I can just talk. What’s the weather like in Napa [California] this weekend? Hound follows along like I’m talking to a person. Show me Italian restaurants there that are open past 9 PM.

If I’m thinking about taking a trip, Hound makes it easy to find a great hotel. I can be as specific as I want. Show me four or five star hotels in Seattle for three nights starting on Friday between a $150 dollars and $250 dollars a night.

How about with free Wi-Fi, in a gym, that aren’t bed and breakfasts.

[Hound:] Source: LYBIO.net
Those are great. Hound can help me do so many things.

Check out my flight, send a text to a friend, translate words or phrases, find that song that’s been stuck in my head just by humming.

I can even calculate the mortgage on my dream home. And after all that, when I finally have some downtime okay Hound let’s play blackjack.

That’s Hound. Say it. Get it.

Hound - Your New Go-To-App

Hound – Your New Go-To-App

Available in US only at this time.

Need a code? Request in-app or at http://www.soundhound.com/hound

Download the app at http://bit.ly/HoundAndroid

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