Hotdamnirock Thoughts On Freddie Grey Protest


Hotdamnirock Thoughts On Freddie Grey Protest

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[Hotdamnirock Thoughts On Freddie Grey Protest]

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So I’m pretty sure by now, you all heard about this Freddie Gray situation. And I live in Baltimore. So, this shit is happening in my backyard, nigga. So Saturday we had a protest downtown, it really made me wonder if motherfuckers actually knew the purpose behind a protest. Short and sweet: ‘a protest is when a group of individuals coming together with common problem they raise awareness about an issue that they want to see rectified’.

I’m all four fucking some shit up, if it got me closer to a solution I get it. Okay, motherfuckers are upset, I understand anger, I understand pain, rage, revenge all of this shit, and I understand how those emotions can consume you and bring certain shit out of you, that you never knew that you would capable of, whether good or bad. So when shit like this Freddie Gray situation happens — I don’t watch the news, because I’m know what the media only shows you what they want you to see, and by only showing you what I want you to see, I also control how I want you to feel about it when you see it.

When I saw this shit, in that moment I felt exactly how the media wanted me to feel. Look at these animal ass niggers. While I was watching all of of this shit, I was just thinking myself like ‘how does this helpless win’. ‘You know, we look like out there, you ever seen a planet at apes, the James Franco version, when the monkeys just escape like monkey prison and they were running across the San Francisco bridge and they were jumping on cars and fucking up the police’, that is exactly what we look like. ‘A bunch of fucking monkeys, nigga’.

Now I know it wasn’t everybody, I understand it, there is motherfuckers that came out there specifically for that reason, using the protest as an opportunity to aimlessly fuck shit up. Now even though it wasn’t everybody, it might as well had been, because all of these motherfuckers standing around with their cameras out trying to record the shit. How many niggers say ‘yo, get off the car’, ‘how does this help us win’.

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This don’t get us answers, this don’t get us justice, this don’t get cops convicted, this doesn’t get us shit. How are you helping the situation right now? Shit like this is; why America looks at black people they way that they do? Because once we get the opportunity to really fucking shine, to be the example so people look at us and go ‘yo, that’s how we need to look next time we protest’.

This is what we do with it. I’m glad this is type of shit that gets televised, because you need to see how we look.

No organization, no togetherness, no discipline, no militants, no nothing.

You know, why Louis Farrakhan was so successful in 1995, when he organized the Million Man March, black people in D.C. and no violence broke out, because everyone was on the same fucking page.

Nobody wanted to be that, ‘one nigga across the street fucking with the cop car’. A million motherfuckers nobody wanted to be that ‘one nigga’, cause there is always ‘one’ that just can’t fuckin’ chill. It’s sad, when you don’t even want to stand with your own people, and that’s not me saying like I’m ashamed to be black or some crazy shit like that. But to not want to be a part of something positive out of your fear of what might happen, to end up happening to see all the videos and pictures on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and to sit down and watch this shit, and just think to yourself, I’m glad that I didn’t fucking go.

That’s a horrible feeling, I see shit like that and I’m glad I didn’t go.

I’m glad that I didn’t take time out of my day to regret going to something that I wish I would of stayed home for.

Make sure you repost this video, because a lot of people not even just black people, a lot of people need to understand the message behind it.

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The next time you find yourself stuck in your feelings, anger, rage, revenge whatever the fuck it is — before you act stop for a second and really ask yourself, is whatever the fuck I’m about to do going to make this situation any better.

Think about that.

Hotdamnirock Thoughts On Freddie Grey Protest

Hotdamnirock Thoughts On Freddie Grey Protest

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