Horse Reunion


Horse Reunion

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[Horse Reunion]

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Hello, this is Arthur. Arthur is a horse that I bred and sadly had to sell four and half years ago. At that time my life was very different. I was running a very busy business and I felt I was doing the right thing. It was right thing at the time. Today, I bought him back. And we’re just about to go into the field and meet William and Harry his two playmates from foalhoods. I don’t know what will happen, let’s see.

Well, they’re just being horses, but horses that love each other and remember each other.

And William is quite bossy. He wouldn’t let any other horse do what Arthur is doing, and the way two of them have just bonded. And how Harry just has accepted, this is how the way he is used to be. And let’s have a rolling party.

Well, as I said before I knew they would recognize each other, but this is so much more deep than I thought possible and the way they’re licking and chewing and that mutual respect and so many subtle ways of communicating and then the amazing rolling and celebrating they’re reunion and stomping and squealing and all forms of horse communication is a celebration of reuniting and its so extraordinary.

[Sue Blagburn:] Source:
So look at three of them are always being very bonded, but particularly the two because they have spent a year together [as well as] with the grandma and mother and big uncle always in a herd, I’ve always kept my horses very free range in a herd environments. So that they will always have elders to put them in their place and be as they would in the wild. I’m absolutely all struck with the amount of relationship and communication and love. Wow…

Horse Reunion

Horse Reunion

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Horse Reunion. I’m absolutely all struck with the amount of relationship and communication and love. Wow… Pets & Animals Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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