Hopsin No Words


Hopsin No Words

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[Hopsin No Words]

[Marcus Jamal Hopson (born July 18, 1985):] Source: LYBIO.net
Man, rap today fucking sucks bad, I don’t give a fuck what anybody says. These fools ain’t spitting no type of dope shit, but that’s not even the bad part; they’re not even saying words anymore. They just got a hard-ass fucking beat to trick dumb asses like you to make you think you like the shit. Play that fuckin’ beat. We got some real fucking mentally retarded rappers in the game. I know for a fact nobody knows what the fuck these dudes be saying! Wait, turn my reverb and my auto-tune on real quick. This what the fuck they be doing:

I put it on rollie, I’m drinkin’ straight lean, a bitch is straight feelin’ my diamonds
I’m rollin’ specific, my nigga you countin’ my shit, but that shit out my dome, burrrrt
Give it some time, diamonds, some niggas and rum
None of this money and no place to put it: hakuna matata (turn up!)
I tell all of you niggas, my family, I tell you, I tell you I love you
Now, tell all your family right there when I say, when I say that I love you
I done came with these bands with my niggas and niggas is callin’ me crazy
I went to the doctor, he looked at my dick and he said I got rabies.

A lotta nigga tryna figure out
She gonna do a nigga, big? I know
I’m on the jury duty’s corners standin’ big, I know
I’m standin’ big, I know, I want it big, I know

I know, I know
I know, I know, I got it big, I know
I know, I know, I got it big, I know
I got it big, I know
I got it big, I know
I got it big, I know
I know, I know

Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Now watch these dumbasses be like “hey that shit went hard though bruh.”

Hopsin - No Words

Hopsin – No Words


Directed By @George_Orozco
DP @justinJonesDP
Producer Don Cunana

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