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H&M Magical Holiday Nicki Minaj And Jesse Williams

H&M Magical Holiday Nicki Minaj And Jesse Williams

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[H&M Magical Holiday Nicki Minaj And Jesse Williams]



She wants a story.

Yes, she does.

Good luck, Dad.

You’re welcome.

You can’t sleep, honey?

No. Need a story.

Well, once upon a time, there was a girl who had a chemistry box. And one day she happened to create a tiny black hole. A hole that plunged her into this parallel universe. In this universe, everyone lived in horror of evil Father Christmas.

Daughter: Source:
Dad, Father Christmas isn’t evil.

Right. I meant the evil brother of Father Christmas. He would go around everywhere and steal people’s Christmas presents. So what our hero girl did, she decided to find this nasty guy straightaway and teach him how to be kind. But she couldn’t get any help because everybody was so scared of him. So she thought, “I’m gonna find the wisest thingy and ask her for some advice.” She found the wisest thingy, but despite her great wisdom, she couldn’t figure out where the evil brother of Father Christmas was.

Sorry, love.

So, instead, the girl went to see the fastest fairy in the world. He was a very formidable fairy, in remarkable shape for his age, but he couldn’t help either. Then, magically, she found the address anyway.


Oh, the internet. It’s truly amazing what the internet can do.

Would you also like his browser history?

Maybe next time. But how did she get there?

She took the bus. The parallel universe had excellent public transportation. Took it all the way to the lair of the evil brother of Father Christmas. Oh, it was scary. It was damp. It smelled funny. But she summoned all her courage and she walked right in there, and she gave him a serious scolding. And she made him swear that he would never steal or destroy anyone’s Christmas gifts ever again. And then she went home and sent all her Christmas gifts back to the kids in the parallel universe. They were so happy. And all of this because of this brilliant young lady, who, you know, she was just doing her thing, caring about others.



This year’s Holiday donation from the H&M Foundation goes to UNICEF to give children the best start in life.

H&M Magical Holiday Nicki Minaj And Jesse Williams

H&M Magical Holiday Nicki Minaj And Jesse Williams. HAPPY GIVING! Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.