H&M Close The Loop


H&M Close The Loop

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[H&M Close The Loop]

Wear brown shoes after six.
Wear a hat indoors.
Wear a short skirt after 40.
Wear a short skirt if you’re a man.
Try too hard.
Don’t try at all.
Dress like a girl.
Dress like a man.
Dress like a teen.
Stand out. Blend in.
Mix prints. Mix pink and red.
Show your panty line. Go commando.
Cover up. Show it all.
Be trashy. Be neat.
Wear pink. Wear blue.
Wear yellow if you’re blonde.
Wear red if you’re a redhead.
Wear socks and sandals.
Look fake. Look chic.
Look sheikh. Be a princess.
Be boring. Take a stand.
Be uniform. Be liberated.
Be old. Be new.
There are no rules in fashion but one:

Recycle your clothes.


Leave your unwanted garments in any of our 3,300 stores.
We reuse them or recycle them into new clothes.
Recycling one single t-shirt saves 2,100 litres of water.

H&M Close The Loop

H&M Close The Loop

H&M Close The Loop. There are no rules in fashion but one: Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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