Hillary Clinton Coughing Attack In Cleveland


Hillary Clinton Coughing Attack In Cleveland

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[Hillary Clinton Coughing Attack In Cleveland]

[Hillary Clinton:]
Hey, Cleveland! Happy, happy labor day. When we were trying to figure out where we could be, we read, let’s go to Cleveland. I want to thank the congresswoman Marcia Fudge for hosting us. [coughing]

[Audience (Chanting):]

[Hillary Clinton:]
I’ve been talking so – every time I think about trump, I get allergic. [applause] Boy, we have 63 days to go. Well, thank you. [coughing]

[Audience (Chanting):]
63 Days!

[Hillary Clinton:]
Well thank you. Wooo…. [clears throat] Well you just heard the next Vice President, didn’t you? In – in addition to thanking Marcia Fudge, we also thank your great Senator Sherrod Brown.

[Hillary Clinton:]
Also – [coughing] [coughing] excuse me, also, two other great members of Congress. Tim Ryan and Joyce Beatty.

[Hillary Clinton:]
And to your Mayor, thanks to Mayor Jackson. And I hope, I hope that Ohio will send Ted Strickland to the Senate.

[Hillary Clinton:] Source: LYBIO.net
Now behind me, there are some of great labor leaders of our country, Randy Winegard, Lee Saunders, Richard Trumka. I’m proud to be on the same stage with them. Because they are always fighting for working families. Now… once I get over my allergic reaction, let me say we are here in part because we know how important this election is to Ohio.

It is not just, as Tim said, that Ohio is one of the battle ground States you hear about every four years, it is that Ohio represents everything that is great again America and all the challenges and opportunities that we face.

That is why this election is critical to every person in this state.

And what I want to emphasize is I know we can’t face our problems alone. We have to work together. We believe we are stronger together. And that is in stark contrast to Donald Trump.

Remember what he said at his convention. He said I alone can fix it.

Think about what that leaves out, my friends. That leaves out all of our troops on the front lines, it leaves out our police officers and firefighters who run toward danger. Doctors and nurses who care for us. It leaves out teachers and educators who care for the most important people in our lives, our children.

It leaves out everybody except him.

And when he says, I alone can fix it, that clearly demonstrates he doesn’t understand how America works.

How we got great and why we are great today. And what we need to do together to face the future.

[Hillary Clinton:] Source: LYBIO.net
Because our campaign is about; we will fix it together, we will work together, we will bring our country together.

And what better example of that are our labor unions – they are built on the principle of solidarity. They look out for each other, they fight for fair wages and collective bargaining for safe working conditions.

Just last week, we learned once again because another study came out that confirms what we already knew.

When more workers are in unions, wages are higher. And not just for union members, but for ALL workers! [Applause]

That’s why if Tim and I are elected we’re going to say; no to attacks on unions, no to rolling back collective bargaining, no to unfair trade deals like the TPP, no to pension cuts that deny you the secure retirement that you’ve earned, no to Right to Work because Right for workers, is wrong for workers and wrong for America.

But we’re not about just saying no – we’re going to say yes standing up for workers rights and dignity, yes to good jobs and benefits, yes to the American dream. It is big enough for everyone to share the promise.

And so that’s why – during this campaign – I’ve been running a campaign based on issues not insults.

I believe if anyone asks for your vote should tell you want they are going to do. Starting tomorrow you could read about the plans Tim and I have –

Hillary Clinton Coughing Attack In Cleveland

Hillary Clinton Coughing Attack In Cleveland

Hillary Clinton Coughing Attack In Cleveland. I’ve been running a campaign based on issues not insults. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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