Henry Cavill Reveals Superman’s Diet Plan


Henry Cavill Reveals Superman’s Diet Plan

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[Henry Cavill Reveals Superman’s Diet Plan]

[Jimmy Fallon:] Source: LYBIO.net
Looking at this guy.

[Henry Cavill:] Geez!

[Jimmy Fallon:] Looking at this guy, he’s a beast. Kind of like – what are you looking at punk? What is this guy craving right here, this guy. Just ah —

[Henry Cavill:] Well, savory things, I’m sure he’s craving, but…

[Jimmy Fallon:] Yeah, because you’ve got six pack abs.

[Henry Cavill:] Yeah, six pack abs, unfortunately Guinness is what I crave. So it’s not ideal for the six pack abs.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Yeah, you would just love an ice beer, an ice cold Guinness right there. That’s a – I mean – you have to – well, you are Superman, you have to be in awesome shape.

[Henry Cavill:] Um… yeah, for the movie. But generally sort of off movies I tend to be off season, and uh…

[Jimmy Fallon:] But you gain it, but you gain weight back.

[Henry Cavill:] Uh… yeah, I put weight on and then lose it again before we start shooting.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Because when you go on a diet as Superman, what does Superman eat?

[Henry Cavill:] He eats lot of things.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Well, name one?

[Henry Cavill:] Source: LYBIO.net
Uh… I mean, okay, it depends. If I’m mass building, then I’ll eat burgers and stuff.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Mass building.

[Henry Cavill:] Ya…

[Jimmy Fallon:] Mass is different with different people ya… that’s fantastic. Mass building that what they call it, yeah.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Yeah… So you’re trying to get arms bigger.

[Henry Cavill:] Yeah, exactly.

[Jimmy Fallon:] But then, you’re a really cool, dude. I’m looking at you and feeling nervous.

[Henry Cavill:] You’re cool too, man.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Well I mean, would that mean that I would never ever even come close to having an arm – the size of your arm. Your arm is the size of my leg. [laughs] But now you’re not just the Superman then you take time off, cos you’re doing the Justice League movies as well.

[Henry Cavill:] Yeah. Justice League, I think we start pre-production on that in January.

[Jimmy Fallon:] I mean, so you don’t really have that – well, January that’s a little time.

[Henry Cavill:] Yeah.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Yeah, try to get fat and then lose it.

[Henry Cavill:] I work really hard to getting the fat.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Yeah exactly. And could I just ask for just – for cardio sake, what did you do for cardio? No cardio?

[Henry Cavill:] No, I run.


[Henry Cavill:] That’s a savory answer.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Yeah, so what is the real answer? You – ?

[Henry Cavill:] I think they get it.

[Audience Reacts]

[Jimmy Fallon:] Okay, yeah, yeah, that’s what you do well. You burn a lot of calories. Good for you, that’s fantastic.

[Henry Cavill:] I mean I try.

[Jimmy Fallon:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Yeah, hey go for it buddy.

Henry Cavill Reveals Superman's Diet Plan

Henry Cavill Reveals Superman’s Diet Plan

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