Hasan bin Farhan Al-Maliki Can Atheists Go To Heaven In Islam A Surprising Answer


Hasan bin Farhan Al-Maliki Can Atheists Go To Heaven In Islam A Surprising Answer

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[Hasan bin Farhan Al-Maliki Can Atheists Go To Heaven In Islam A Surprising Answer]

Allah has clearly put faith as a condition to enter heaven

Not true, it’s not just faith

Explain the idea first just to be clear

In regards to the people of heaven and people of hell that must be based on statutory verses such as Allah almighty saying: ((Allah does not charge a soul except its capacity)) (2:286) and ((adhere to the fitrah (basic nature) of Allah upon which He has created all people)) (30:30). So when you find a simple elderly woman in Sri Lanka working her farm who has never heard of Muhammad or Islam and seen nothing but evils, bombings, and disputes, how do you expect her to believe in Islam? and so Allah would only judge her by universal values regarding injustice, dishonesty and such good deeds do not go unrewarded. Because Allah is ultimately ((Lord of all mankind)) not just the lord of Muslims, and the Quran is for all mankind.

Yes but…

Let me finish

Go ahead

There is universality in Islam and the Quran, it emphasizes the phrases ((the Prophet is mercy to mankind)) and ((Allah is lord of all mankind)) This was hijacked by the politicians such as the Umayyad dynasty and others due to the discrimination and ignorance of the authorities and their jurists, they made it so that Islam, Allah, the Prophet and the Quran belong only to us when it’s supposed to be mercy to all. Thereupon, there are different atheists the one who is arrogant, doesn’t do research, and a denier who reviles religions and the serious researcher who died before finding the answers and never hurt anyone. Aren’t they different? ((Allah is the all-seer of his servants)) (40:40)

So an atheist researcher can possibly be in heaven?

Of course, Why not?

So according to you we may find Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Atheists in heaven?

Yes, which is why i mentioned: ((Allah does not charge a soul except within its capacity)). The atheistic inquiries have become deeper, and I’ve been approached by young men. I may have insufficient knowledge in natural sciences. But I emphasize to them other matters such as confirming invariables

But speaking of invariables Allah says:((And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him)) (3:85). ((Allah does not forgive ascribing partners of worship unto him)) (4:48)

That is if we know what kufur (non belief) truly means?. One who knew but denied the truth is Kafir ( non believer). Now the people of Japan, America, and Europe I do not call them Kafirs, but people. Because the Kafir must first know the truth, not be ignorant of it, then denies or covers it up. There are two meanings of Kufur in the Quran: Either denial or covering up and shunning signs of Allah. But the ignorant is not Kafir but one of the people and is under Allah’s will. I think that perhaps there are more people in heaven from other nations than from the Muslims.

There are more non Muslims in heaven than Muslims?! Source: LYBIO.net

I said ”Perhaps”, its a possibility. Because i find the goals of the Quran… and what are they? They don’t know

The goals of the Quran are monotheism to worship Allah without partners

Okay, great…

These are the goals, even the purpose for creating humans and even Jinns and al creation is to worship

Excellent, but hear me out

Go ahead

Allah almighty said ((I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship me)) ((51:56)), alright?. But the next question comes up: Why do we worship Allah? You won’t find any Muslims who can answer but the answer is in the Quran ((O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you…)) Why? ((…that you may become righteous)) (2:21). Righteousness is refraining from inflicting harm and aggression according to the Quran not the common definition of having a protection between Allah and his servant with these broad definitions they gave worship, righteousness, and piety all the same definition.

What is righteousness according to the Quran? ((cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression)) (5:2), when you examine the verses of righteousness you’ll find them as a counter to aggression

You’ve mentioned positively values regarding aggression and injustice, but I’m talking about the one issue of faith, monotheism, and polytheism

What is polytheism? You’ll find that we might be more polytheistic than they are. Polytheism is not just about worshipping idols, but also ascribing partners to Allah such as rabbis, priests, and ((we obeyed our masters and our dignitaries, and they led us astray)) (33:67). Polytheism is a big issue, do you think it so simple? As for the goals, yes there is the goal of worship but above it is the goal of righteousness which is refraining from aggression. Therefore ((prayer keeps one from immorality and wrongdoing)) (29:45)

Is there another goal after righteousness?. Yes, Allah mentioned gratitude ((be pious (righteous to Allah that you may be thankful)). The Quran does not say be thankful that you may be righteous, or be righteous that you may worship. The Quran is a rigorous system. This is a Quranic culture and its goals.

But the issues of goals, righteousness and gratitude are not that big compared to …

No, no, brother, brother…

Hear me out

The entire goal of worship is righteousness in the Quran

Alright, but now I’m asking you a specific question. Allah said ((Allah does not forgive ascribing partners of worship unto him)) (4:48) So he may forgive all sins except polytheism, but now you’re telling me that an atheist or a polytheist…

The verse says ((Allah does not forgive ASCRIBING partners of worship unto him)). Please not the verb “ascribing” it did not say the noun “polytheist”. It is the amount of polytheism that Allah does not forgive.

But limitation-wise, religions other than Islam will not be accepted and you’re telling me atheists can go heaven

What is Islam in the Quran?. According to the Quran Islam is made up of three stages. Dedication to the truth, as they may believe it or renounce it, you can know it by the opposites. The second stage is submitting to the truth. The third stage is the good deeds that reflect from the submission.

If you examine this kind of Islam (submission) do you find it in other nations or in us? Honest dedication to information. Submitting to true information. And the good deeds that stem from it. This is the Quranic meaning of Islam.

Hasan bin Farhan Al-Maliki Can Atheists Go To Heaven In Islam A Surprising Answer

Hasan bin Farhan Al-Maliki Can Atheists Go To Heaven In Islam A Surprising Answer

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