Hair Product Hot Bun


Hair Product Hot Bun

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[Hair Product Hot Bun]

Hot Bun

And there’s like the brunette and this one is for the blondes.

So, there’s like an –

There’s –

– it’s a pretty good size. Like, you can like –

Good lord.

This one’s for the blondes.

I like it.

And then – you can spray off some in your hair.

Holy heavens. Put that away.

Oh my heavens… put it in the bowl and lets keep moving.

Alright, I’m buying you Starbucks.

You win.

Was that planned?
Well, you know, we were just looking at it, and it just looked funny.
You were trying to shock me.
And it worked. I worked.
Yes. It goes like this.
Into your hair and makes bun, but –
Um… otherwise it –
Oh for heaven sakes.

Hair Product Hot Bun

Hair Product Hot Bun

Hair Product Hot Bun. This one’s for the blondes. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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