Guy Mentions School Death In Rap Battle


Guy Mentions School Death In Rap Battle

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[Guy Mentions School Death In Rap Battle]


Why did we have to wait.
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Yo, shut up! Shut up!
Shut up!

Yo, you! Check it!
I already got some tongue twisters I hope you got a young suckin down let my cum kiss her and then next time your mom –
I don’t need to touch this dude, cause I’m a real rapper and this dude needs to eat some fuckin food
— fuckin faggot man, — said 2 cents a day.
The saddest part of that, his own parents won’t pay.
— tough, cause his — he’s a man, these people don’t want to talk like they speak in Japan.
— Yo! Nothing makes sense.
Yo! Take it…
Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!
(Shut up!)
Yo, man!
Yo, there’s nothing wrong — this mutherfucker tried to make a song but nothing went along with who this dude – I’ve got to tell you – you got the rhymes but I’ll tell you —
Yo! Fuck it, man! This dude! Ait! I’ll tell you that you real rhymes but I’ll break your fuckin neck and you won’t even have a real spine.

I’m a real rapper you a fuckin faggot.
This is the reaction of what happened after.
— this is me at the end of the chapter.
You’d be looking down at the rafter and I’ll burn you that’s what fuckin happen – this is crucify, I’ll leave you alone in a fuckin desert and they’ll be nothing left, man, you know that my shit you never felt it, you a fuckin bitch and never touching a clit that’s why you replaced a tit but you talking about dick – I ain’t give a fuck — you need a — in town – this is rap, you a fuckin fool and if you want to push me, I put more words in my burrrs and dicks in your moms pussy.



Yo.. yo… yo…
You lost – just bend over.

Shut the fuck up, let him go. Let him go.

Yo, check it.

I’ll blaze you quicker.
You talk about fucking my girl, well you should get charged with incest cus im dating your sister.

(That did not make sense)
(Nothing he says)

Come on you can get pussy if you paid a stripper and her name was —


(Is that my friend?)
And I’ll smack this guy.
While I’m battling the wackest guy from St. Matthew High.
Looks like he wants these my raps are fly.
And everyone in your fucking school wish you were the one in the car crash that died.

(Ohhh, oh…. )
(Fuck you!)

That’s for the fuckin…
Fuck you… fuck you… fuck you…
WHAT’S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM BUDDY, you better fuckin run away bitch – run away …. what the fuck. that’s fuckin’ rude boy….

Fuck up his ass.

No fuck him up!

Fuck that mutherfucker…

Out… out…

Get out… get out…

That’s fucked up!

Guy Mentions School Death In Rap Battle

High School Rap Battle Fight

Guy Mentions School Death In Rap Battle. Wish you were the one in the car crash that died. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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