Guy Gives Up Added Sugar And Alcohol For 1 Month


Guy Gives Up Added Sugar And Alcohol For 1 Month

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[Guy Gives Up Added Sugar And Alcohol For 1 Month]

Boris Lange

Sacha Harland

[Boris Lange:] Source:
Hi, I’m Boris.

[Sacha Harland:]
-And I’m Sacha.

[Boris Lange:]
Over half of the Dutch population struggle with obesity. For the last month Sacha has eaten as healthy and natural as possible. Without unnatural E numbers and added sugars.





[Sacha Harland:]
Will it have any effect on your body?


[Sacha Harland:]
To begin with, I’m visiting a sports physician, Jessica Gal. She is testing my body. What are you testing today?

Jessica Gal

[Jessica Gal:]
-Your health. Blood pressure, heart and lungs, an ECG… I’ll test how fit you are, measuring the wattage during this test. We’ll also test your blood.

[Sacha Harland:]
Good. Well, good…

[Boris Lange:]
I bought products in the supermarket. I’m going to find out what Sacha can’t eat this month. A bottle of ice tea: Ten lumps of sugar. Tomato soup: Five lumps of sugar per bowl. I bought a stir-fry sauce for two: Fifteen lumps of sugar… and glucose syrup and E numbers… all added to this Tandoori sauce. Nice to serve with your chicken. It’s in almost all products… so I have no idea what you’re going to live on, Sacha, but good luck.

My body had been tested. I am fairly healthy, but some values are high. My cholesterol is little too high. I’m curious what eating healthy will do.

[Gewicht:] 81,7 kg
[Vetpercentage:] 15,5
[Bloeddruk:] 135/75
[Cholesterol:] 4,6
[Hemoglobine:] 10,6

[Sacha Harland:]
Day one, we have started. It will be fruit, eggs and yoghurt for the next four weeks. I say: Let’s do this. I looked for something with flavour, but no such luck. Water it is.


[Sacha Harland:]
This is only week one, and I’m getting cranky already. It’s really difficult. How bad is sugar for you?

Marlou Bosma

[Marlou Bosma:]
-Sweet things make you crave for more. Your blood sugar rises, insulin is created to bring it down. Then you want sweet things again.

[Sacha Harland:]
-I can tell I’m not well. I’m more irritable. It’s bad for the people around me.


[Sacha Harland:]
We’ve only just started, and I’m constantly hungry. Behind me is a lovely ‘Smullers’. I really want a hamburger right now.


[Sacha Harland:]
These come at me from everywhere. Cola, other soda’s. I didn’t think it would already be this hard.

[Marlou Bosma:]
Sugar wants vitamins, it makes you tired. Alcohol does that too, you dehydrate. You will feel fitter after a month without sweets, alcohol and preserved foods.

DAG 13

[Sacha Harland:]
We are going to the cinema. I only have my water. She has bought a beer, because she knows I can’t have it. No, take it away. Too bad, it’s water for me.

[Marlou Bosma:]
A lot of food products have emerged in the last 30 years. And food is available on every street corner.

[Sacha Harland:]
This is Pieter.

-Hi, I’m going to order a pizza.

[Sacha Harland:]
He is ordering pizza online. I’m going to get a salad. Is it good?

Yes, it has salami…

[Sacha Harland:]
-Just shut up. What is important for eating healthy?

[Marlou Bosma:]
-Vegetables, fruit, high-fibre bread. Unsaturated fat is good for your heart. People are afraid that fat is bad, but unsaturated fat is healthy. Olive oil, oily fish, nuts, not too much alcohol, and enough variation. You can have a snack, or a glass of wine or beer, but only now and then.

DAG 25

[Sacha Harland:]
I have just made breakfast and I want to share something with you. This is the first time since I started… that I don’t want sweet stuff in the morning. The last week is almost over. I get up easier and have energy to spare. That was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think it would make this much difference to my physical constitution. After a month I revisit the sports physician to see what has changed.

[Jessica Gal:]
Last time you weighed in at 180 pounds. Step on to the scale. Surprising.

[Sacha Harland:] I agree. I am baffled what this month has done to me. After a month without unnatural E numbers and added sugar I feel fitter. I also have more energy and I have lost 8 pounds. My blood pressure went from 135 to 125… my cholesterol went down with 8% and my blood sugar is considerably less.


VOOR: 81,7 kg
NA: 77,2

VOOR: 15,5
NA: 14,2

VOOR: 135/75
NA: 125/75

VOOR: 4,6
NA: 4,0

VOOR: 10,6
NA: 10,0

[Boris Lange:]
How do you think it went?

[Sacha Harland:]
The beginning was very hard. But eventually I detoxed from the sugar and it went very well.

[Boris Lange:]
Are you going to keep this up?

[Sacha Harland:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Not a completely healthy diet. I have a choice to eat healthy, and now and again have a Mars bar and a beer. That is what came out of this research for me personally.


Guy Gives Up Added Sugar And Alcohol For 1 Month

Guy Gives Up Added Sugar And Alcohol For 1 Month

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