GrOpener Efficient One-handed Bottle Opener


GrOpener Efficient One-handed Bottle Opener

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[GrOpener Efficient One-handed Bottle Opener]

Mark Manger
(GrOpener Creator)

Mark Manger: Hi, I’m Mark Manger and this is my invention the GrOpener.

GrOpener = grab opener

The name GrOpener comes from grab opener. It has unique way of working. It uses motion and force from the act of grabbing the bottle to achieve the additional result of removing the cap. Here’s how it works.

[one-handed and fast!]

The GrOpener hangs loosely on the middle of your index finger while your middle finger rests on the trigger. As you grab the bottle the magnet helps position it on the bottle cap, which is then cleaved off with a satisfying pop. The cap is caught by the magnet and left flat.

[the cap is left flat]

When not in use the same magnet keeps your opener handy on the fridge or any steel surface.

[strong magnet]

One GrOpener works just as easily for a lefty as it does for a righty.

Turn it around and its tail is perfect for leveraging pull tabs on cans.

[great with cans, too!]

All aspects of the conventional bottle opener have been reexamined in the creation of this device. Even the shape of its hook allows it to work with twist caps without slipping or chipping.

[twist caps, too!]

The GrOpener is perfect for people who may have the use of one hand.

[raw prototype shown here]

[production GrOpeners will have a smooth anodized surface]

[contribute to this project for a perk!]
This thoroughly thought out and finally crafted tool will be made in the USA from tempered aluminum and anodized for strength and good looks, patent pending.

Thank you for your interest and support.

[actual speed]

[TM & patent pending]

want one? just help!
pick a contribution level to the right.

thank you for your support!

That’s good.

GrOpener Efficient One-handed Bottle Opener

GrOpener Efficient One-handed Bottle Opener

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