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[GradeAUnderA Youtube Ad]

[William Woller (Commentator):] Source:
Got this just in time. I can’t believe I got this. This is an Ad on a YouTube video.

Why Reaction Channels Are Shit (Jinx and CJisSoCool)

From GradeAUnderA saying – saying “Why Reaction Channels Are Shit – whatever.

[YouTube Ad:]
Alright, this is an actual Ad, there’s the Ad Button.

First things first. I just want to comment on the right away, okay. If you don’t know, one of my favorite YouTube Channels is REACTOR, right!

Despite what they say, this guy is fuckin’ genius, you’re videos do show your reactions but they’re fuckin’ genius, right! That was genius, man!

That was a really nice touch to the video, literally over 95% genius. That’s something to be proud of.

That’s an entertaining video, right!

So if you can’t find value in subscribing to him yourself. That’s fuckin’ absurd man!

HOWEVER, I advise people to go there and subscribe.

[William Woller:]
The thing is, I’m going to pause it real quick. Oh… Okay… I can’t pause it, alright. I forgot to pause it, damn it. But that leads to this channel, there’s a little link right here. It leads to this channel.


Can’t find it, damn it. Crap. It leads to another reaction channel. That’s all I can say.


GradeAUnderA Youtube Ad

GradeAUnderA Youtube Ad

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