Gordon Ramsay – Slow-Roasted Pork Belly


Gordon Ramsay – Slow-Roasted Pork Belly

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[Gordon Ramsay – Slow-Roasted Pork Belly]

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Take a very sharp knife; bring the pork belly towards you, so you’re over it, and you got all that pressure and weight.

Using the tip of knife, I’m just sort of nicking it and go across the pork belly – long storks with the knife and take your time, turn it 180.

This time what we’re doing is just sort of cutting this nice little sort of diamonds, but as that [style] is roasting on top, it starts getting nice and crispy. Take your hand full of salt and just sort of rub it in, bend it over in all those cracks, it really helps to get a nice, crisp, crackling on top.

Roasting tray, get it very nice and hot. Take a whole bulb of fennel.

To anticipate flavor and to keep the meat succulent and brazing my pork belly with strong vibrant spices and vegetables.

Crush and peel three whole cloves of garlic and add to the fennel.

Olive oil in, fennel in, I love the nice, strong anise flavor that goes through that nice, rich, dense pork, fennel seeds, delicious.

Star anise in and just a couple of cardamom seeds and wow they are little bang as my little fire crackers, incredible, lovely.

Fresh bay leaves; get your pork, skin side down, just sear on top of that fat, that locks in all that amazing flavor, then I’m going to flip it over to get it nice and crispy.

And then when fennel seeds embedded in those little cracks, now some white wine, the minute that white wine hits that pan you can smell that light fragrance of fennel. Allow the wine to bubble away and reduce into the alcohol has burnt off.

[Gordon Ramsay:] Source: LYBIO.net
Time to put in the stock. Now the stock goes in just underneath the skin, so it roasts on top all that meat under there, it’s gotta be submerged because what happens in the oven the top goes crispy as anything and the stock reduces and braces at the same time, very importantly bring that back up to the boil before it goes into the oven otherwise it will never boil and never get to temperature, smells incredible.

Slow-roast the pork belly at 180 degrees for 2.5 hours.

Look at that.

You’ve got a nice crispy skin on top.

You can see how much of the stock has evaporated, put that on to the board, it looks stunning.

To make a delicious drastic sauce with the flavor pack contents of the roasting tray, first get rid of the excess fat.

Take a couple of slices of bread just like a perfect sponge because you just lay that on top and drag it, almost like a net and it just absolves all that fat if you want the perfect fried bread, trust me, stick that in a frying pan.

And nice tea spoon of mustard, whisk that in, and simply simmer for few minutes before pouring in a serving jug.

Mmm.. with your pork belly always use a nice straight edged knife, can you hear that, wow. That is amazing, incredibly tender, that belly of pork is going to almost melt in your mouth, think about sweet meat under that crispy belly of pork.

What an amazing way to cook a very cheap cut of meat.

[Gordon Ramsay:] Source: LYBIO.net
Stir through top mint, pile on to toasted bread and finally, for a lovely salty tang, crumble over some creamy feta cheese. Add the [chin], back into the pan with a glass of dry white wine and the juice of an orange.

Gordon Ramsay - Slow-Roasted Pork Belly

Gordon Ramsay – Slow-Roasted Pork Belly

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