Google Tip 5 Be Positive


Google Tip 5 Be Positive

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[Google Tip 5 Be Positive]

[Female Speaker:] Welcome to the Google Online Safety Roadshow.

[Male Speaker:] We’re here to teach you a few things you need to know so you can stay safe online–

[Female Speaker:] And enjoy all of the fun things that the web has to offer.

[Male Speaker:] Be positive.

[Female Speaker:] Everyone, including students, is responsible for creating a great online experience.

[Male Speaker:] There are lots of ways, big and small, to help make this happen today.

[Female Speaker:] Try to do something positive on the web each day.

[Male Speaker:] Leave an encouraging comment or send someone a thank you text.

[Female Speaker:] These kinds of gestures are easy, quick, and can really make a lasting impact on someone’s day.

[Male Speaker:] You’ll feel great and inspire other people to be kind online too.

[Female Speaker:] A little positivity can go a long way and have a huge ripple effect online.

[Male Speaker:] The opposite is also true. A little negativity can spread into something big and ugly online.

[Female Speaker:] If you see someone being mean, talk to an adult, or take charge and report it yourself.

[Male Speaker:] Only by acting can you make change happen for you and the people around you, online and in the real world.

[Female Speaker:] Everyone can be a leader and set a good example on the internet for others.

[Male Speaker:] There’s so many opportunities to do amazing things online.

[Female Speaker:] You can use the web to explore your world around you.

[Male Speaker:] Answer important questions.

[Female Speaker:] And solve big problems.

[Male Speaker:] The only question is–

[Female Speaker:] How are you going to change the world?

[Male Speaker:] So set a good example–

[Female Speaker:] And be positive.

Google Tip 5 Be Positive

Google Tip 5 Be Positive

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