Google Tip 2 Protect Your Stuff


Google Tip 2 Protect Your Stuff

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[Google Tip 2 Protect Your Stuff]

[Female Speaker:] Welcome to the Google on line safety road show.

[Male Speaker:] We’re here to teach you a few things you need to know so you can stay safe online.

[Female Speaker:] And enjoy all of the fun things that the web has to offer.

[Male Speaker:] Protect your stuff! Most of us have things on the web that we want to keep safe.

[Female Speaker:] One of the best ways to keep those things safe is to make sure that you set strong passwords on all
your accounts.

[Male Speaker:] By knowing how to create strong passwords, you can further safeguard your personal information.

[Female Speaker:] So how do you create a really strong password?

[Male Speaker:] First, use at least eight characters.

[Female Speaker:] The longer your password is, the harder it is to guess.

[Male Speaker:] Second, mix letters, numbers, and symbols.

[Female Speaker:] And third, make it different for each site.

[Male Speaker:] Once we know how to set a strong password we need to learn how to remember that strong password.

[Female Speaker:] At Google, we recommend you pick a favorite book title.

[Male Speaker:] Sports team.

[Female Speaker:] Song.

[Male Speaker:] Or phrase.

[Female Speaker:] To help you build a strong password.

[Male Speaker:] Don’t share your password unless it’s with a parent or trusted adult.

[Female Speaker:] Like the key to your house or the combination to your locker, passwords protect things that are of value to you
and shouldn’t be shared.

[Male Speaker:] Protecting your information online also means logging out of websites.

[Female Speaker:] Programs.

[Male Speaker:] And applications that are used on public or shared computers when you’re done with them.

[Female Speaker:] ] If you don’t log out of public computers, someone could log in as you and access your accounts and information.


[Male Speaker:] So always remember to protect your stuff.


Google Tip 2 Protect Your Stuff

Google Tip 2 Protect Your Stuff

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