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Google Meet Gboard

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[Google Meet Gboard]

Think about how much time we spend on our phones during things like this. You and your friend are grabbing dinner and you’re trying to remember the address for the meatball shop, so you switch to a totally different app. You search “the meatball shop.” You find the address, and you copy it with those little thingies.

You switch back, you paste it, and finally, you hit send.


We do this a lot– switch apps, search, and switch back. So we had a thought.

What if you could search right from your keyboard?

Here’s how it works.

You just tap this and search “the meatball shop.”

Results show up down here, and you can send them up here.

You get everything you need without leaving the app.

So no matter what app you’re in– texting, emailing, chatting– it’ll be right there.

It’s like having Google Search in any app right from the keyboard, so we called it “Gboard.”

It’s got glide typing to make typing faster, emoji search to make finding emojis faster, and you can use it to send a lot of different stuff faster– YouTube videos, your flight details, or GIFs.

Lots and lots and lots of GIFs.


Meet Gboard.

Get it for your iPhone.

Google Meet Gboard

Google Meet Gboard

Google Meet Gboard. Google Search in any app right from the keyboard, so we called it “Gboard.” Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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