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There seems to be so little resources dedicated to special education… What does that say to the students? That says that you are not a priority.

There’s a $17 billion deficit in special education funding. Educationvotes, 2014

[Dr. Yvette Fagan (Lawton Alternative School, San Francisco):]
When things aren’t perfect, how do you make it work? It is our duty to educate children to the best of our ability. It’s my job to support that child. So I have decided to do a hundred dollars a month out of my paycheck.

On average teachers spend $485 of their own money each year on their students. The Education Market Association, 2013

I love music and I want everyone to experience that joy that I have when I’m playing music. The main most obvious struggle we’ve had is just to make sure we’ve had enough instruments for everyone.

Tearchers are turning to to help fun their classrooms.

[Mark Carrerra (Lan Tech College Prep, Chicago):] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Many people think you have to be a big donor or a rich person to support education in America, but a lot of people giving small amounts has a great impact on the classroom and it really says positive things to our students.

Donate to a special needs project on and Google will match it.

There’s always something that can be done. We need to do anything and everything possible to be that helping hand for another generation.


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Google ForEveryKid Donate to a special needs project on and Google will match it. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.lockquote>

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