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Google For The Election

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[Google For The Election]

This November Americans across the country will do their civic duty and cast their vote.

But with so many state guidelines and requirements voting can be tricky.

Google can help make things easier.

Find out how to register to vote in your state online here.

By mail here or in person here.

See what you need to bring with you and when the deadlines are.

Mark your calendar for those or maybe you’ve already registered better double-check, nice! One less thing to do.

When it comes to how to vote in your state you’re covered.

Google provides the details on when to vote in person here and shows you what id you may need to bring.

You also get all the deadlines and info for voting in person and by mail.

Voting requirements are different in every state.

Here’s where you check for those.

You can also check absentee ballot and early voting dates. Every state has their own rules so be sure to check the details but wait who’s on the ballot. See all the candidates organized by national state and local races. Now for the most important part getting to the polls.

Google makes it easy to find your nearest polling place and even shows you the way, see right around the corner.

Now that you’ve got everything you need in your ballot in hand you’re ready to vote

Google For The Election

Google For The Election

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