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Google Duo Coffee & Cream

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[Google Duo Coffee & Cream]

CREAM: Stan!

So how did it go?

COFFEE: Couldn’t be worse.

Couldn’t be worse.

She says I keep her up all night.

What is that?

Like I’m some sort of annoying cricket chirping way outside of her window?

CREAM: Hey, dude, breathe.

I’m sure she meant it in a nice way.

COFFEE: A nice way?


CREAM: You know, you’re like a think piece.

COFFEE: A think piece.

CREAM: Yeah.

She read you, and now she has a lot to think about.

COFFEE: So she’s thinking about me.

Yeah, you’re right.

CREAM: You’re complex and fascinating.

COFFEE: And I’m steamy, and I’m mysterious.

CREAM: Now you’re making it weird.

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Google Duo Coffee & Cream

Google Duo Coffee & Cream

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