Girlfriend Explains Why She Voted Out Of EU


Girlfriend Explains Why She Voted Out Of EU

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[Girlfriend Explains Why She Voted Out Of EU]

Right Jen ‘ave you…gonna vote. Well… Are you gonna vote today?


And for the record…

What’re you gonna vote?

I’m voting out…Of the EU refeyendum

Ha, what?


Of the what?

I’m voting out…Of

Haha the what?

The EU refeyendum Brad!


Why are you lau… See what I mean! Why laugh for?

Yeah carry on

Why are you gonna vote out? Source:


Because…One! I don’t have to watch Euros next year! Football cuz obviously England wont be in it. So you won’t be watching it.

Yes they will


They will be in it though

No they wont

Yeah they will

No they wont Brad!

And it’s every four years. It ain’t on next year

Oh well I wont have to watch it then will I?

What so if it’s the world cup we wont be in the world either then?

Well yeah cuz we’re still in the world

We’re still in Europe

But we’re not in the EU so we’re not gonna be in that

Yes we are!

No we’re not! I’m telling you we’re not! Alright I ff…??? I think I know and then… My other reason is purely based on the fact that I ain’t gotta walk down the shop and buy 6 eggs anymore


I gotta go to farmer John. And I’m gonna watch my chicken make it’s egg I’m gonna bring it home and… I’m gonna have eggy soldiers or I’m gonna have a nice fried egg and it ain’t gonna crack cuz it’s come from a good chicken


You know when you crack the egg

Yeah! Source:

And it comes out of the…White bit

You can still get that at the shop, Jen!

No you can’t Brad! Cuz you don’t know what chickens they’re coming from I can’t… ge…

What do you mean what chickens…they’re coming from

So if it comes from a good chicken im gonna…

Yeah so what so…So there’s a difference between good chickens in England and good chickens in…wherever?

Well…I’m picking up the shit ones in the 6 pack then ain’t I down at local Co-op where if I go to john Imma say to him I need a good egg

You could do that anyway

I’m not gonna touch fuckin’ 6 eggs in the fuckin’ shop Brad am I like a weirdo!

Heheheh! You on about? You’re basing your decision… on coming out of the EU… on chicken and eggs?



That’s a very fuckin’ valid reason




Yeah! That’s it!

Heheheh! Source:



Stop laughing at me!

Haha you are though!

Why’re you laughing? Dickhead! What other reasons. Oh the only other thing actually that made me nearly stop voting out


Is I’m pissed off because obviously the borders


I can’t go Disneyland Paris anymore

What are you on about you can’t go to Disneyland?

Well…If I vote out yeah


And it happens we’re out


I can’t go Disneyland Paris and see Minnie and Mickey

What are you on about you won’t be able to go Disneyland

Because the borders will be shut Brad! So we’ll be stuck so I’ll have to…Chessington!

Ha he! It won’t be shut like that!


Yes it will!

What do you think shut the borders means?

So that’s you’re…

Shut The Border! Therefore no one can go in and no one can go out! So we’re stuck! Stupid!

And that’s your thing on the EU what is it?



E…U…I’m out of…The EU Refeyendum! End of!

You’re off your nut! Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Girlfriend Explains Why She Voted Out Of EU

Girlfriend Explains Why She Voted Out Of EU

Girlfriend Explains Why She Voted Out Of EU. I can’t go Disneyland Paris anymore. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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