Girl Gets Catfish Stuck In Her Leg


Girl Gets Catfish Stuck In Her Leg

Girl Gets Catfish Stuck In Her Leg Read

Girl Gets Catfish Stuck In Her Leg Read

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[Girl Gets Catfish Stuck In Her Leg]

Shut the fuck up!

Smell that ass. Oh my god…

Oh my god, I can just smell it.

There are some kind of diseases that are going on right now. Oh my god…

Look at this !

Excuse me it’s like…


[Cindi], it’s like in my leg — oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, [Cindi]. No it’s a thorn.

No it’s a thorn. Source:

Look at this.

This isn’t funny, like I’m about to cry.

You have to like probably,


I don’t want to know anything else.

Excuse me, you have to take off of me.

Oh my God. Ow.

Hang on a little bit.

Here you try.


Oh, yeah, I can try.

Believe this is really bad.

Get that god damn down here.

All right.

Hey, go get bread. Go get.

Okay, I’m getting bread.

Aw, can we. What is bread going to do?

Yeah, it does.

It’s start paining a little bit.

Oh my god, no, don’t pull out, don’t pull out.

Yeah, yeah.

We need them to help.

What the cause of fucking.

Look, this guy.

Look, he’s coming.

Yeah, can you help us please?

Don’t ask her like this.

No, I’m going to get some kind of fucking disease.

No, you’re not.

[Name] it’s going to be fine.

Look at that.


Are you fucking kidding me?

Help me.

You realize like…

At least fucking shit.

No more horsing around.

And more. It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re going to be all right.

It’s only okay to fuck around though. Of course, I’m just kidding.

Pull straight out, I don’t want to pull it.

It won’t

Hard to pull it out. Like it’s like…

Okay, it’s fine.

Yes, even when they are dead.

Its fine, I just – we just want to pull it out the right way.


I’m about to cry.

You’re fine, you’re fine,

I’m about to fucking cry.

You’re fine.

Come on.

Yeah. Pull it out?

Will you pull it out while he find the way to…

I’m going to need somebody to help.

I’ll do it.

Just do it.

It’s like its hard in there like – it’s almost like the things are backward in her.

Oh, please don’t…

It’s fucking fins or scales.


Oh my God.

Please, please don’t.


Yeah, will you…

Are you calling EMS?

I mean, yeah, they’re like is there anybody out there, is a doctor. We’re not…

Some one just got to yank it.

Like some one give her a shot.

Even my dad if wish my dad was here some like that.

If he works here he knows more about that.

Wait, who?

Oh my God.

I mean I feel like we can literally just start asking random people. And I guarantee we will come across a doctor.

Oh my God.

Hang on girl, easy.

Tina, its okay.

We’re not even, there could be one thing.


No. There maybe some up there, we’d have to look.


I’m about to throw up.

Don’t throw up.

We got to get the – we did Sidney go?

Like the hotel probably has a like a first aid. So should I just go up there and see —

Girl Gets Catfish Stuck In Her Leg

Girl Gets Catfish Stuck In Her Leg

Girl Gets Catfish Stuck In Her Leg. Oh my god, I can just smell it. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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