Gigi Gorgeous Orlando Shooting


Gigi Gorgeous Orlando Shooting

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[Gigi Gorgeous Orlando Shooting]

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Hi, guys, it’s Gigi here. Um… I – okay, I just heard the news of the Orlando nightclub shootings, and I’ve just woke up, I had to make this video.

My heart is absolutely broken for all the families and everybody in the club that night. I just think it’s so disgusting that somebody would just walk in there and kill that many people, it just makes me sick to think of the scene going on when that happened, it’s just so gross. I just think it’s so tragic, and I just wanted to send my love. And anybody going to any Prides this year, please, please, please be careful. I have a few dates lined up that I’m going to be doing things in a few different cities.

And now to be completely honest, it makes me a little scared like it’s supposed to be a time and a place of love and support and now we have to be worried about violence.

You know I get you can have your own views, you can do whatever you want or think whatever you want with your own life, but don’t take it upon yourself and be violent into ruining the world, it makes me really, really sad for the world.

But honestly I really, really am sending my genuine prayers to all of the families out there in Orlando.

I wish you guys the best and please stay strong and let this be the last thing we hear of this kind because it’s – it’s really doing the world’s no good. But, yeah, I just wanted to say that really fast. I can’t even turn on the news right now. I’m in my hotel room in New York City. We were actually supposed to leave today, but I just I don’t want to go to the airport or anything like that, so we’re staying an extra day and everyone else feels the exact same way.

So, yeah, I just wanted to make this video, probably going to turn on the news in a little bit, probably chill around the hotel for today.

Yeah, I hope you guys have a great day. And please, please spread positivity and light. I love you and stay gorgeous.

Gigi Gorgeous Orlando Shooting

Gigi Gorgeous Orlando Shooting

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