Gigi Gorgeous My Thoughts On Bruce Jenner


Gigi Gorgeous My Thoughts On Bruce Jenner

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[Gigi Gorgeous My Thoughts On Bruce Jenner]

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Hi, guys, its Gigi, and today I’m kind of doing a spontaneous video. I’m literally watching the Bruce Jenner documentary right now. And this is just something that I felt strongly about and I just decided to do a random video.

I just got out of shower, my hair is braided because that’s what I do when it’s wet because that extension life girl.

But I just wanted to sit down and make a video because I am honestly so proud of him.

I kind of wanted to get your thoughts on this as well I know probably a lot people have comments that you can leave down below and I would like to talk to everybody about it, but I was moved at a part in – when his sister I believe was talking about how he told her and then she drove home from the dinner that he told her at. And she just cried, and I can relate to that so much because it just, it just really, really touched me very deeply and when she said, you know its because I was worried for him, its not because my brother was transgender, its because of the pain he went through when he was younger. And I think that this is what this entire documentary is doing, it’s not supposed to be this spectacle over Bruce or whatever his new name is, I’m waiting for that new name bro. I want to call you by your new name.

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But I feel like it really is just too empower and this human being is an extraordinary person and for him to go on, on this you know on the stand for the whole world to be laughing at, and you know pointing fingers at, and all this stuff is like, amazing and I applaud him and it just is a super, super touching thing because I can relate, I’ve been through it and I twitted earlier, but I was like you know I just wanted to your video because I want to like talk, its like a lot. I feel like I just want to commend him because he is going to be ‘The Angel’ for so many trans-girls out there and trans-boys and anything you know like anything different, its just going to be like, okay, this is okay, he had so much baggage and he is still did.

I just think it’s amazing and I just basically wanted to say, Bruce, if you ever see this, I love you and I just – I want to give you big hug through the screen, I really do.

And anybody else just watching out there that is feels like they are different or feels like they don’t have anybody to talk to, work it out when god makes you they are kind of like – he’s kind of like okay, I’m going to give you this, I’m going to you this, but then what’s going to be your baggage? What am I going to throw in there that’s going to make a little bit different or difficult for you? And for him or her it was to be transgender and have this kind of like thing in the back of his mind, and that’s how I was for me too. So can definitely relate and I find, I feel very strongly about this.

And I’m sure tonight is like the biggest weight off her shoulders and I can relate to that.

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So I just want to spread the love and hear what you guys have to say, I really, really, really hope you guys aren’t support of this, and you are not going to make fun of it and because it – obviously is a very serious thing, I was skeptical as well, but hearing his story, it really did touch me.

And I just want to talk about it. So yeah, I’m going to end this video now, I need to go to bed, have in meet up tomorrow.

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For anybody coming to Sephora Miami, I will you see there. But until I see you guys next time, stay gorgeous and be kind. I feel like Ellen, be kind to one another.

Gigi Gorgeous My Thoughts On Bruce Jenner

Gigi Gorgeous My Thoughts On Bruce Jenner

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Gigi Gorgeous My Thoughts On Bruce Jenner. He is going to be ‘The Angel’ for so many trans-girls out there and trans-boys and anything, you know, like, anything different. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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