Generation WE The Movement Begins


Generation WE The Movement Begins

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[Generation WE The Movement Begins]

I am one

I am one

I am one

I am one

I am one

I am one

I am one

I am one

[indiscernible] [0:12]

I am one

For the past 40 years

The political and social agenda of the United States has been set by our parents,

The Baby Boomers.

Who were the largest generation in America.

Not anymore.

A new generation,

A new generation is coming to power.

They call us ‘the millennials’ but you can call us ‘Generation We’

Generation We.

In 2016.

The youngest of us will reach voting age.

Making us the largest generational voting bloc in the country.

And we are unlike any

that’s come before us.



We are more globally oriented.

We’re more ethnically diverse.

We’re more technologically adept.

Better educated

Less politically partisan,

And we’re the first generation in American history.

to inherit a nation.

in decline.

In decline.

Our national debt

is $10 Trillion.

That’s $30,000 of debt,

$30,000 of debt.

For every man, woman and child.

Our educational system

Our educational system is failing.

We have the highest child poverty rate

in the developed world.

Some of us are losing our homes.

Our dependence on fossil fuels

has polluted our environment

Our water is contaminated

and our health is in danger

Half of us,

Half of us will get cancer.

One in three

will develop diabetes.

Our life span is expected to be less


less than our parents’

Eric Greenberg: [Eric Greenberg (AUTHOR, GENERATION WE):] Source:
Even though they live in the world’s wealthiest nation, Generation We, are inheriting a damaged future and a set of potentially catastrophic problems. But we have every reason to be optimistic. These kids identify themselves as strongly progressive and are fed up with partisan politics. They are socially tolerant, environmentally conscious and peace loving. They volunteer in record numbers. They’re technologically brilliant, and most importantly, they’re politically engaged. They believe they can restore the American Dream. Generation We, is poised to lead the change we need. Our collective future depends on it. Now, will we listen to them?


the youth of the United States.

We, the youth of the United States.

believe our birthright has been betrayed,

our inheritance

has been squandered.

We will not accept a cruel and unfair future

of incomprehensible debt

Punitive taxation

Economic disparity

Military conflict

Chronic disease

And environmental disaster

We must restore and protect,

We must restore and protect,

our environment and the planet.

We must provide quality nutrition and health care

for all youth

We must provide equality of education

and learning resources

for all people and economic classes

We must end the perception

We must end the perception

that America is an arrogant

Arrogant and greedy nation.

We must vote.

We must vote.

We must vote in unprecedented numbers

and exert our political power

To create a just

and sustainable world

We are the largest demographic group in the United States, and once unified, we can control America’s political landscape.

This millennial declaration,

this millennial declaration is a call to action.

It is the beginning of a nationwide movement to restore our future.

Save our nation.

And preserve our planet.

We’re gonna make history.

We’re gonna make history.

Will you join us?

Will you join us?

Will you join us?

Will you join us?

Please visit our website.


And support PROJECT F.R.E.E.

Our call to the government

to create a multi-billion dollar program,

similar to the Apollo Space Program,

to innovate the next generation

of non-fossil fuel based energy solutions.

It is the call, and legacy,

of Generation We

of Generation We

It will be the key turning point

in the history of mankind.

In the history of mankind.


Generation WE The Movement Begins

Generation WE The Movement Begins

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