Gender Discrimination Man Bag At COBB Theaters


Gender Discrimination Man Bag At COBB Theaters

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[Gender Discrimination Man Bag At COBB Theaters]

Why am I being singled out?

You – sir, you’re not being singled out.

Ma’am then …

We don’t allow gentlemen with bags into our theatre.

But you let ladies with big bags and purses in?

That – yes. [urmm Yes we do..]

So this is my bag that They confiscated for no other reason than I am a man. As they explain, if I were a woman I would have been allowed to have it in there. At the Wesley Chapel COBB THEATER. CBL Zaccie

Because ladies carry big bags that’s a normal thing for ladies is to do – is to carry big bags.

I don’t understand that. Okay, so if I was a lady, my bag would have been allowed in?

Yes. Or I would ask to search your bag.

Because I’m –

Because I’m a guy – I’m not allowed – I – you had to take my bag.

It’s not that – it’s not that you…

I’m just trying to understand that – I was perfectly okay with it.

Yes, I understand.

Until I saw everybody else in this entire building bring bags in.

I – um…

Now I have a problem.

I’m sorry that you have a problem with it.

I didn’t have a problem before. Now I do.

Its just – it’s just we don’t let um gentlemens in with big bags.

But you let ladies? Source:

Because they could be holding unto recording devices but ladies is normal for them to carry…

How’s a lady – hold on – a lady…

A lady carries… every lady carries a purse, not every man carries a purse.


That’s the reason.

It’s not a purse it was a bag I have my glasses in them –


My credit cards, things like that so…

If you – if you would of told me…

Why don’t you just let her check your bag? Why are you giving…why are you going back and forth with this – I don’t understand?

You’re missing my point, ma’am. It’s not checking my bag.


She took my bag. Said it was policy: ‘no bags are allowed in the theater’. I said: “Not a problem, ok.” She checked it.


But now I’ve gone in and I’ve seen everybody else in this entire theater – yourself included –

You’re not a female.

– this lady, allowed in. Source:

Yeah, but that’s normal for females.

That’s what I’m trying to explain to you.

It is not –

But what I’m trying to say.

– how often do you see a man carrying a bag?

What – what is the problem? What is the problem with that?

She’s not saying it’s a problem, she’s just asking you to check it. That’s it. It’s her job.

Right – but then why

Listen sir…

Can you apply the policy evenly…


And I don’t have a problem.

Is it NORMAL for a guy to carry a bag… NO.

Yes it is.

No it isn’t.


So Guys, do NOT bring your manbag to the Cobb theater because here they ONLY allow woman to bring bags in. Discrimination ???? One rule for woman and one for men. Source: L Y B I O . N E T


Gender Discrimination Man Bag At COBB Theaters

Gender Discrimination Man Bag At COBB Theaters

Gender Discrimination Man Bag At COBB Theaters. Is it NORMAL for a guy to carry a bag… NO. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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