Garbage Dispute


Garbage Dispute

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[Garbage Dispute]

So deep, I can’t even help you out, what’s your driver’s license number.

I don’t have to give it to you.

Let me see your driver’s license.

You’re not a police officer.

You just hit my vehicle.


Give me your driver’s license!

You pulled right on in front of me.

Yeah, when someone pulls in front of you because there is an emergency, you slow your rear end down and you stop.

I did – okay these are not tires. These are not tires …

Have you ever had someone have an emergency,

These are not cars.

and pull in front of you

These are not cars, they don’t stop at a dime.

It doesn’t matter, you have to be far enough behind.

You know what I’m going to tell you the whole incident…

You should have picked up my trash big boy.

I picked up your trash.

No you didn’t, you want to go see what you left.

I left the carpeting and the…

You’re supposed to pick up everything.

No, four bags…

Yeah, all you are in so much deep crap.

And last week, I picked up more than we do…

You wait till your boss tells you what you got to pick up.

He is on his way here too Mam.

You think you get to decide what you pick up and what you don’t.

No, that’s what you ordered.

You little twerp.

It is what you order.

You little twerp, I know what I ordered.


And you’re going to pay.


Yeah, baby. You like your job. You like it.

Yeah, I do.

Yeah. But good luck because you ain’t going to have it past today, baby. You couldn’t really hurt me. You know that. You are in this big vehicle, you come slamming into my rear end. You could have killed me man, you are a little deep deep trouble baby. Man, are you in trouble. Surprised you ain’t pissing your pants already.

I am not because this is all on video.

Thank God. Thank you Jesus Christ for videos. Yeah. When someone has an emergency and they pull in front of you, you slowdown and you stop boy.

I tried to slowdown.

You, you didn’t try hard enough baby.

These don’t stop at a dime.

Because you slammed into the back of me.

Please don’t stop at a dime, ma’am.

What you should know that. You should have picked up my trash.

You didn’t give me time. You didn’t give me time.

You should have done your job baby.

I picked up all your trash.

But you didn’t – and after today you ain’t going to have it.

I picked up all your trash.

Yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see.

Is it really worth? Is this trash really worth?

Oh it is worth it every penny baby, because I’ve been working with you, with your rear end for weeks.

Is it worth getting in an accident.

I told you what you were supposed to do a b c d e f g…


Like a damn child…

All right.

And you can’t even follow instructions.

Why don’t you go back…

How old are you?

Why don’t you go back…

Ba ba baby, ba ba baby, da da da da, da da da da. [pause] You blew it baby, you should have picked up my trash. That’s all you had to do was follow instructions.

I picked up your trash.

What you could handle it.

I picked up your trash.

You left some padding and you left some cat litter. And you know what, now you are going to pay baby. When someone puts out for trash and if it’s a four bag limit, let me say this to the universe and you go to a customer’s garbage cans and they’ve dumped five bags then you charge them for one extra, but you got enough common sense to pick the sucker up, this guy ain’t got no common sense. Four bags, you were only supposed to be four bags.


No I am so scared, ya, you better be scared. This ain’t nothing yet.

I want the officer to know that you hit the back of my van, refused to give me your personal information, ain’t right.

Can I do what now, can I do it now, or I do I have to wait, hell let me do this guy first when the time is right.

Thank you. Yeah! My first kill! I got to wait, this guy is a – uh… how shall I put it? A pussy, and when I say that I mean pussycat, I am not swearing, I got kittens. I know what kittens are, they’re pussy cats. Man you’re in deep shit,

Garbage Dispute

Garbage Dispute

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