Gangster Party Line


Gangster Party Line

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[Gangster Party Line]


What’s up nigga, you want to talk some shit? Call me, start some shit, bitch.


What’s Up Fool? You’re going to talk shit about me homie, where are you from?

Hundreds of niggas is waitin’ for your mother fucking call and they all talkin’ shit about you, right now.

You want to sell that shit. Call these mother fuckers ASAP!

Yeah sell some shit what? Me – fuck you and your bone spurs.

The hardest niggas is standing by, ready to pick up that phone, buff niggas, dark niggas, Asian niggas, white niggas.

Suck my dick bitch, fuck you.


Just dial nigga I’ll fuck you up.

Deaf niggas, classic niggas, racist niggas, mystery niggas, psycho niggas, dog niggas, Jewish niggas.

You got some mother fuckin’ nerve calling me on Shabbat, on some little bullshit ass nigga. You better calm that shit down and come here and showing some fucking respect before me and my Jewish niggas come up here and beat yo ass nigga, All talk.

Niggas is talking shit, calm now.

$4.99 per minute.

Gangster Party Line

Gangster Party Line

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Written and Directed by Brent Weinbach
Produced by Brent Weinbach and Adam Schary.
Cinematography and Editing by Trevor Ames.
Lead Creative Consultant: Adam Schary.

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