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Furious Pete Cancer Free

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[Furious Pete Cancer Free]

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That smile on my face, that’s a smile on my face, it’s a smile that I had during every single day that I did radiation treatment for my cancer, every single day. You guys know I put a smile on my face every single day because I remain positive. And as a result, I am now cancer free. I am in remission, which pretty much means all signs of cancer are now gone from my body.

I’m – I just – it’s been so – it’s been a lot – a lot of battles, a lot of mental battles, a lot of struggles. And we finally got to this day and I feel like there’s just a huge weight off of my shoulders.

I’m cancer free.

It’s really hard to explain the feelings that are going through my head right now, through my entire body, I’m just – I you know, deep down inside, you’re hoping that this is the answer, this is what you’re going to hear, but you’re also thinking what if this isn’t what you’re going to hear and what – what is going to be the next step as a result, what is – how is my life going to change? And that happens for a lot of people in this world unfortunately. But for me right now, I’m given the chance to continue living my life and it’s been a difficult journey.

You guys have seen the struggles, but you guys also saw what it means and you know, how important it is to remain positive during this entire ordeal.

Very quickly – I – I, if you haven’t followed along, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in September of 2014. I had surgery. I had my left testicle removed. I was then – at the end of November cleared, although there were enlarged lymph nodes within my body larger than they are, they were larger than they are right now, post-radiation. And they were saying that oh… we see that there are enlarged, but they’re not really growing, so we’re going to leave them.

Unfortunately, come July of 2015 of this year, they grew and also my blood work was off and everything like that. So I was given the opportunity to do radiation or chemotherapy. I chose radiation and it worked. It worked. I did an entire month going every single day for radiation treatment and it worked, stayed positive. Not an easy battle. Regardless of the type of cancer that you have my friends it’s never an easy battle. There probably are more difficult ones to fight and more easier ones to fight, but nevertheless cancer is cancer.

What I’m taking from this and what you need to take from this video is, you know, be grateful for your life, and really live it the best that you possibly can.

So many of us, unfortunately, are going to be riddled with this bad news. But when you do, it’s how you approach it and how you actually beat it, and how you take the journey through it, and I can safely say this has been a lot easier of a journey, remaining positive throughout the whole thing, and trying to smile, and trying to see the light at the end, because without that this would have been a lot more difficult.

With that being said, I also have to take you guys. Your words of support throughout the entire journey, throughout my entire treatment and the weeks and months following have been just unbelievable. And it has made me a stronger person and it has helped me to just overcome this in a much better way. And so for that I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, seriously, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

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Now as much as you guys have done for me, I need one more favorite from you and that is for you guys. To look at your lives right now and ask yourself are you living it to the fullest? Are you letting little problems bother you, problems that shouldn’t bother you in the long run, problems that you are letting progress into bigger problems that they shouldn’t be progressed into? We truly have one life to live and I want to make sure that we live it to the fullest.

I’m still lot for words right now but I consider you my family, my Team Furious right here. And I wanted to share this message with you today as they found out this wonderful news.

I’m forever grateful to be on this planet and forever grateful to have you guys in my life and have the life that I lead.

And more importantly, I’m just forever grateful that I’m still alive.

And believe me when I say I am not going to stop creating awareness for this subject I have a ton of ideas and I’m going to execute them with as much power as I possibly can.

I know you guys are going to support me in these causes. I know you guys are going to support these messages because it is so damn important.

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Remember, we all face difficulties in our lifetime, but its how we handle them that makes us the person that we are today. I’ll catch guys next time. As always my friends, you guys Stay Sexy, Stay Hungry, and over course, Get Laid.

So here’s the machine. They don’t really want me filming too much in here or them. So this is the machine we’re going to get scanned. My other testicle goes in there. So we’re going put that on there and then, yeah, here we go guys. They…

Furious Pete Cancer Free

Furious Pete Cancer Free

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