FreeMilo Milo Yiannopoulos Talks To CNBC About His Twitter Suspension


FreeMilo Milo Yiannopoulos Talks To CNBC About His Twitter Suspension

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[FreeMilo Milo Yiannopoulos Talks To CNBC About His Twitter Suspension]

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] Source:
You have been pretty mean through the years on Twitter.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] I have been pretty mean through the years on Twitter.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] Yes.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] But I don’t think that is a reason to excise somebody from the platform. You know actually plenty of people enjoyed what I do. Over 380,000 of them as you say enjoy what I do and there is certainly no suggestion whatsoever that I was involved in any kind of racist or sexist harassment of Leslie Jones. What I did was dislike her movie and write a very critical review that she didn’t like. After that I teased her a little on Twitter, if a journalist can’t tease a Hollywood Blockbuster actress I don’t know what this platform is so about. It is very strange thing.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] You started all – many of your followers not all of them but many of your followers started to attack her as well.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Yeah.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] Source:
I mean, some of those things were brutal and wouldn’t you acknowledge.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Yes, of course. And some of them are completely disgusting but I am not responsible for what other people post on the Internet. Is Justin Bieber responsible when his fans cut themselves with #cutforbieber? Is Beyonce responsible when her fans go after One Directionist with death threats and rape threats, of course not. It’s preposterous to suggest that a public figure an entertainment personality, or prominent journalist is responsible for what other people post on the Internet.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] Let me read to you what you wrote in 2012 at the Kernel

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Sure

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] As a longer piece, the Internet is not a universal human right, we ban drunks from driving because they’re a danger to others. Isn’t it the time we did the same to trolls, trolls for viewers who don’t know or how people refer to people like you who are mean on Twitter. There are very many people, I mean but you wrote this, right? Is this?

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] People like meanness, so you know. No, of course.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] What happened? You don’t agree with this anymore?

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Uh… No. I agree with it entirely. Twitter is a Private Company its entitled to do what it likes. The problem is it’s lying to users. Jack Dorsey says it’s the free speech platform in the free speech way in the free speech party, that he wants it to be a utility like water. The Twitter is a place you go if you want to express yourself. That’s a lie. There is a systemic campaign against conservative and libertarian points of view on Twitter. And how do we know this? Not from the company’s own notoriously opaque statements but from the fact that they apply their own rules so capriciously and so inconsistently that there’s only one possible explanation. Twitter is perfectly happy to host ISIS, to host death threats against Donald Trump supporters and they do nothing in any of these cases

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] They tried to take those down.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Not hard enough. But you make a joke about a feminist or you dislike the new “Ghostbusters” movie or you have the audacity to dislike the work, in Hollywood of somebody who happens to be black or happens to be a woman and then you get suspended that is absurd.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] Let me review what Twitter says, we had guest on from Twitter earlier this morning who spoke about this. We also have just statements and policies are available on their website,

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Source:
Uh huh.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:]
Our rules prohibit inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others over the past 48 hours in particular we’ve seen an uptick in the number of accounts, violating these policies and have taken enforcement actions against these accounts ranging from warnings that also required the deletion of tweets violating our policies to permanent suspension.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] There’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever and Twitter has produced none. I am in any way responsible for inciting harassment against somebody else, it is just an absurd claim and there’s no proof of it, what there is proof of is that Leslie Jones did not like my review, that I teased Leslie Jones a little bit on Twitter. Well so sue me I know what’s the big deal, not a big deal people do that kind of thing all the time the reason they came for me is I have been public enemy number one for Twitter for a very long time.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] You acknowledge it’s a private company it can do it wants.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Of course, but it’s got to be honest with its users and the other thing of course I mean…

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] And it can change its rules any time I want.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Of course. But what’s going to happen if Twitter does changes its rules to clamp down on all the most fun people on its network, all of the most interesting people on its network, is that people are going to leave. Twitters investors should be very worried right now because what they’re seeing is a platform they are very concerned with user growth. They’re very concerned with time that the users spend on the site and they are very concerned with the engagement of their key users.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] It is just executives are concerned about just the opposite that it’s become such a mean place that people abandon it. They’ve struggled with growth.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] But that’s a separate but related problem because Twitter’s product is terrible and Twitters products has always been terrible.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] Why is it terrible?

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Well, it’s a terrible experience it is completely be befuddling for users the reason they have problems acquiring new users is a nobody understands how it works it is not intuitive like Facebook is. And if Twitter had at the start built tools to deal with you know different groups of people who don’t really want to hear from each other this problem would never have happened. The problem is…

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] What do we do about the fact that the Internet has become a very mean place only is that and why and you yourself endorsed.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] What I mean I endorse free speech I endorse the people’s right to be mean people’s right to be aggressive, people’s right to be mischievous and dissident and fun.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] But you didn’t — You acknowledged how painful. In that piece that you wrote for the Kernel, you acknowledge how painful it can be.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Yes, but if…

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] When you are on the receiving end.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] You know what my view is not going to be popular with everybody but it is popular with a lot of people that is if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. My observation in this particular case is that this movie is not doing well. I have – I suspect that Leslie Jones has been deployed on Twitter to play the victim…

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] So the bigger issue is there a decline in civility because of the Internet.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Source:
Yes, but you know one of the things that – one of the things that I’ve observed as a tech journalist because I am a tech editor as my day job when I’m not broiled in controversies like this. One of the things I’ve observed is there is a particular political slant to a lot of this abuse and harassment stuff. Much of it is used ideologically, much of it is used to criticize libertarian conservative points of view. You know what, we’re all in public life. We all get criticism, we all get death threats, we all get rape threats, we all get bomb threats, but there’s only one particular side of the political divide that makes hay out of them that constantly winges about them that in fact turns them into a sort of career.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] You are also the leader of Gays for Trump, is that correct?

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] I’m not a leader but I did host a party last night was fantastic a party for daddy. Well I call him daddy.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] You call Donald Trump dad, but why.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] I do, because I want him to be the father of the nation. I’ve come here as a warning from Europe to you people, now what happens when you clamp down too much on free speech, when you forget this, the key importance of the First and Second Amendments right. We’ve seen we’re seeing it happen in Europe, we’re seeing Islamization of Europe, we’re seeing clamp downs on free speech, in Nottingham in the UK, it’s now it’s now an arrestable offense to be misogynist so what does that even mean, that’s in the eye of the beholder. In Scotland you can be arrested by the police for being offensive. That’s really “Orwellian” that’s insane.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] So when Donald Trump talks about banning Muslims, you don’t see that as contradictory to everything you’ve just said.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] No, I don’t because banning…

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] Why not?

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Because America as you know America is founded on freedoms. America is founded on for you know on a Constitution the First and Second Amendment and it is modern Western Liberal Democratic Capitalism that gave women and gays and blacks the rights they enjoy. Where those things don’t exist elsewhere in the world women and gays have a much worse time by preventing you know -immigration from a culture that wants me dead frankly it is a protection of freedom.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] I am going to stop before one second we have live pictures coming in from Donald Trump’s plane arriving in Cleveland. There you see uh… coming into town he doesn’t speak officially till tomorrow night but Donald Trump arriving in Cleveland.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Daddy Force One.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] You call it Daddy Force One.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] I do. When I’m Press Secretary I want Debonair Force One.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] Milo Yiannopoulos.

[Milo Yiannopoulos:] Thanks very much.

[Michelle Caruso-Cabrera:] Source:
It has been interesting. Thanks so much for joining us. All right, let’s…

FreeMilo Milo Yiannopoulos Talks To CNBC About His Twitter Suspension

FreeMilo Milo Yiannopoulos Talks To CNBC About His Twitter Suspension

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