Free Money On The Freeway


Free Money On The Freeway

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[Free Money On The Freeway]

Here caught on tape police pursuit that turns into a wild free-for-all on a San Diego freeway.

Police were trying to stop suspects in what they say was part of an ongoing drug investigation. During the pursuit, the suspects threw wads of bills, out the window.

Just showed it to you right there, we’ll show you again.

All of this creating this big hazard when drivers stopped on the freeway to try to grab as many of the bills as they could.


I saw that it was like $100 bills just flying from the sky, I saw every – just people running to the freeways, they were risking their lives.

Suspects were later caught and arrested as for the people who thought this was their lucky day police say, those bills can be tracked.

Well, they sort of have to say that, don’t they?

Yeah, and you know what if $100 bills are flying around – you kind gotta pick them up.

Human nature.

Free Money On The Freeway

Free Money On The Freeway

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