Freddie Gray Arrest Video


Freddie Gray Arrest Video

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[Freddie Gray Arrest Video]

He’s twisting his leg…
[Woman:] Hey, his leg look broke, look at his fuckin leg.
[Woman:] Look at his fuckin’ leg!
[Woman:] That boy leg look broke.
[Woman:] Oh my god!
[Woman:] His leg is broken! And y’all dragging him like that.
[Freddie Gray:] AHHHHHHHHHH!
[Officer:] If you want to fight – go right there.

[2nd Video Time Code 01:43 CNN Title: “New video shows arrest of Freddie Gray in Baltimore”]

Mystery death of a young man in Baltimore Police Custody, the autopsy on this 25 year old is now complete, the names of the officers involved in his arrest [correction] arrest released. But more information has not led to any more clarity as far as how this 25 year old suspect Freddie Gray broke his neck after Baltimore police arrested him, this is back on April 12th, he died a week later. As we mentioned a second ago, the department has suspended these six officers with pay they released their names, their ages, how long they have been on the force.


Lt. Brian Ric, age 41, with force 18 years.
Sgt. Alicia White, age 30, with force 5 years.
Officer William Porter, age 25, with force 3 years.
Officer Garrett Miller, age, 26, with force 3 years.
Officer Edward Nero, age 29, with force 3 years.
Officer Caesar Goodson, age 45, with force 16 years.

But officials didn’t specify on the reasons why.

However, the Mayor of Baltimore did tell CNN this:

[Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake:]
We know that he asked for medical attention, we know that that medical attention was not immediately requested for him. We know that was a mistake.

That conclusion based on the fact that Gray asked for medical help more than once while being transported in a van, in fact city and police officials revealed Gray requested his inhaler his asthma inhaler at the same time officers called for the van. They also disclosed that Gray was put in leg restraints but officials say they do not know how or when Gray’s spinal cord was severed. And what more — Grays’ autopsy revealed his spinal injury was the only trauma to his body.

[Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez (Baltimore Police):]
There was no physical bodily injury that was saw nor was it evident in the autopsy of Mr. Gray, none of his limbs were broken.

CNN has affiliate WJZ amateur video provides a new closer angle of to Gray’s arrest – a warning the video is tough to watch.

[Man:] Shorty, it was after they tased him fuckin’ like that.
[Man:] I’ve been recording.
[Man:] I’ve been recording.
[Man:] I’ve been recording, what car they come out of, yo?
[Man 2:] He own a bike, yo right there, him right there, he own a bike.
[Freddie Gray:] AHHHHHHHHHH!
[Man:] I got it don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it, yo!
[Man:] Come on.
[Man:] Get his badge – his badge.
[Man:] After they tase you like that you wonder why he can’t use his legs.
[Freddie Gray:] AHHHHHHHHHH!
[Officer:] I need you off the street. Thank you.
[Man:] Ya, I sure will.
[Officer:] I need you off the street.
[Man:] I sure will.

New Video Shows Arrest Of Freddie Gray In Baltimore

New Video Shows Arrest Of Freddie Gray In Baltimore

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