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Frank Gifford Lucky Strike Commercial

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[Frank Gifford Lucky Strike Commercial]

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[Francis Newton “Frank” Gifford (August 16, 1930 – August 9, 2015)] Source:


The question football fans ask me more than any other is: What happens in the huddle?

Well here are the New York Giants and me with the answer.

[Alright, we’re 3rd and Five.
Go looking for John, a Hitch again.
Listen, if Joe can get that sink in then we run a one-X.
Can you get ’em, Joe?
I can pick him on one-X.
How about I run the button-hook on the corner.
Nah, nah, you better flank her one X away on 3.
Let’s go.

And that’s what happens in the huddle.

Sometimes we get lucky and go all the way for a touchdown.

After the game and a good shower I always get lucky.

Lucky Strike, the taste to start with, the taste to stay with.

The taste I’m talking about is the taste of fine tobacco.


Lucky Strike means fine Tobacco.

And say, if you have friends who enjoy that great taste, this Christmas, why not get Lucky – give Lucky in this bright and happy Christmas carton.

It’s a wonderful way to wish any smoker a Merry Christmas.

Frank Gifford Gets Lucky

Frank Gifford Gets Lucky

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