Francis Higgins Illuminati Conspiracies Revealed


Francis Higgins Illuminati Conspiracies Revealed

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[Francis Higgins Illuminati Conspiracies Revealed]

Blinding ignorance does mislead us.
O! Wretched mortals,
Open your eyes!

Leonardo da Vinci

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If you take any event happening in the world, and look at it from a completely different kind of view, you’ll see some pretty fucking weird stuff. 9/11, now, planes flew into that building, but did they? New world order okay, NWO.


Was George Bush in some kind of mind control game? Are the Jews involved? Are the Jews in cahoots? I don’t know. Put the pieces together in your mind.

May 1, 1776
you’ve got the eye

So 1776 okay, you’ve got the pyramids and you’ve got the eye. Where do they go? They go on the dollar note.

dollar note!!!

You can bet your bottom dollar that something is going on. THE EVIDENCE IS THERE! Space. We all know about space, don’t we? Saturn. Have you been there? I’ve never been there. Now, look at the fucking wizard of oz, was he involved in something? Listen To Me! Uncle Sam, he was pointing at just to go to war, he wants to go to war, Abu Grahb, Vietnam. This is the world we’re living in. Clinton, Ratzinger [Pope Benedict XVI], weird hand signs, Christmas, look at Santa, look at Christ, shtick a beard on Christ and a bit a fucking white hair – its Santa Claus. Let’s stop the fucking rollercoaster for a second, because there is something else I want to hit you with spiders, eight little legs on them. Very scary creatures, sometimes you find them in the bath and you have to sweep them into the plug.

i don’t think it’s a silly question to ask. The Owls,


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My own mother, she is in the fucking illuminant. I want to stop it, I don’t know whats going on. I don’t know what I’m on about.

Francis Higgins Illuminati Conspiracies Revealed

Francis Higgins Illuminati Conspiracies Revealed

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Francis Higgins Illuminati Conspiracies Revealed. This is the world we’re living in. Clinton, Ratzinger, weird hand signs, Christmas… Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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