FOX Sports Jeff Gordon Police Chase


FOX Sports Jeff Gordon Police Chase

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[FOX Sports Jeff Gordon Police Chase]


[John Wright:] Source:
That vehicle, as you can see it’s hard to keep track of, because the driver, you know he simply continues to make some pretty wild turns.

Right and he’s exhibiting the normal characteristics you’d expect from somebody who’s got a lot of adrenaline they’re – they’re really pumping it.

[Mary Wentmore:]
And usually with these types of cases they end up going to a neighborhood or an area they are familiar with. Of course at this point we don’t know where he’s going; maybe he doesn’t know where he’s going.

[John Wright:]
Mary I don’t think I’ve seen everybody get away.

[Mary Wentmore:]
And at this point, do we have any idea how fast the suspect is going?

He’s coming up at 100, I’m looking at the clock now it’s a 125 miles an hour, this guy is going on this free way with traffic. He’s exiting here, he is flying off that, you see that cars diving out of the way, there he’s going to go straight through that street and continuing now on the street.

[Mary Wentmore:]
All right, Gill, we’re going to stay with your live picture here. And it looks like the suspect is approaching Fox Studios and may stop there.

That’s correct.

[Mary Wentmore:]
Is there anything you can tell us about the suspect?

Block him in!
Block him in!

The suspect has turned into Fox Studios. And here he is coming to a stop. Let’s see what’s happens here. Exiting the vehicle.

[Jeff Gordon:]
What’s going on here guys? I’m just on my way to work.

Yeah we know we just want a selfie.

[Jeff Gordon:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Oh great, yeah let’s do it.


FOX Sports Jeff Gordon Police Chase

FOX Sports Jeff Gordon Police Chase

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