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Ford Motor Company Brake Coach

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[Ford Motor Company Brake Coach]

Your C-Max Energi Fusion Energi hybrid or electric vehicle has a feature that can coach you to break more efficiently in order to save energy.

Let me explain break coach works to help you maximize the amount of energy captured through your regenerative braking system.

Regenerative braking works with your standard brake system by recovering energy that is usually lost through your friction brakes and engine drag during braking and coasting.

And then storing that recovered energy in your battery to help maximize efficiency.

Screens may vary based on model

When you come to a stop the break coach screen appears in your display and shows you your braking efficiency score.

You’ll get higher percentages by coming to gradual stops and 100% means that you maximize your braking efficiency.

If at any time you want a quick refresher on what this feature is use the five-way control on the left-side of your steering wheel,

Go to the main menu
Scroll to information
Then select Break coach

And a brief description will appear

Of course if you’d rather not use a break coach feature you can disable it using the five-way control:

Going back to your settings menu
Then display
Break coach
And off

Any questions go to

Knowing your vehicle.

Ford Motor Company Brake Coach

Ford Motor Company Brake Coach

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