Ford Culture Collabs Meet Vashtie


Ford Culture Collabs Meet Vashtie

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[Ford Culture Collabs Meet Vashtie]


Meet Vashtie Kola, a modern renaissance woman and muse for this Collab. Watch cultures collide as art; music and fashion blend FORD by design.


[Vashtie Kola:]
Music has been my first love, that’s why I end up in music videos, because I love music, I love film, I love visuals so sort of marry the two.

A lot of what I do is authentic to me and my brand. Having a design aesthetic or having a style is keeping it real, so to speak. And I think it’s important to know the history of things, because it only makes you a better artist, it only makes you a better human being. Only just makes you more verse.

I think this collaboration with FORD, affects the community quite directly because I think that it shows the community that; you know, such a big brand with a heritage and with a history is paying attention. It’s such a mix of people and it’s like a beautiful mix of people, invested in and involved with different cultures, a partnership coming out of authenticity and out of honesty.

I think the idea that I can just put someone in a better mood or inspire them, you do what I’m doing or to change your perspective I think that’s like really cool.

Ford Culture Collabs Meet Vashtie

Ford Culture Collabs Meet Vashtie




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