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Flight Simulator 2000

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[Flight Simulator 2000]

[John King:] Source: LYBIO.net
Well hello, I’m John King.

[Martha King:]
And I’m Martha King

Martha and John King
Aviation Video Instructors

[John King:]
Welcome to the exciting world of flying brought to you by Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.

[Martha King:]
You’ll be using the same skills we’ve taught to pilots throughout the world. In fact, may pilots use Microsoft Flight Simulator to help with their training and to keep proficient.

[John King:]
So lets go flying. Well as you can see we’re starting right in the cockpit. You know, flying is always fun but with Flight Simulator you have the added thrill of flying the aircraft of your dreams. I mean, where else am I going to get a chance to fly a Concorde. But I’ve got a little more experience in Cessna 182, so I’ll pick that.

Now we’re at Meigs Field in Chicago and I’m all fixed up with holding a joystick the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro and it’s got all sorts of neat controls. Now since we’re close to Downtown Chicago, lets look around. I’ll just move ahead here forward and to the left. And oooo what a cool view of Downtown Chicago!

Now look straight ahead again I just released the button.

You know, I can fly to or from any of 20,000 airports. Let’s fly over New York City. We can take off from Teterboro Airport.

Okay now we are in a Cessna 182 at Teterboro. I’ll press Control E for engine, to start the engine; I’ll put 10 degrees of wieght pound for take off. Just roll in full power, pull the trigger, release the brakes, hot dog, we’re on our way. Wow, I can even feel the bumps on the runway in the joystick here. I can steer on the ground by twisting the stick left and right.

As the speed increases to about 60, I’ll pull back on the stick a little to bring the nose up just slightly to start climbing.

Oops my air speed is dropping that means the nose came up a little too high here. I’ll pull the flaps up, and I’ll move the stick to right to put the air plane on the right bank. And we’re headed for New York City.

[Martha King:] Source: LYBIO.net
Well john has fun flying. Let me show you some things that can help you get the most out a flight simulator. By the way, if you don’t see these menus you can get them at any time by pressing the Alt key. First in the options menu there is some handy things that let you customize or adjust, how flight simulator performs and also how flight simulator looks.

Next go to the aircraft menu and choose the kneeboard, in the kneeboard you’ll find checklist to help you fly the airplane. And the key command section will give you the keyboard commands to use if your joystick doesn’t have all the buttons that John’s does.

Now let’s go to the flights menu. To plan across-country trip, choose the flight planner. When you get there let’s load the flight plan from Chicago to Frederick, Maryland, the home of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Of course you can also create your own flight plans. When you’re done there now let’s go to the world menu and click on whether.

As you know, pilots always check the weather before they take off. You can do that too. Just select real world weather and flight simulator downloads actual weather reports from the web. Flight simulator generates the current conditions automatically and integrates them into your flight. Or if you don’t like today’s real weather, you can create your own clouds, winds, rain, even low visibility. You get the idea flight sim has lots of fun things that you can do.

And again if you have questions about any instrument, control, or procedure, just click on Help, there’s a wealth of information there or check the pilot’s handbook. But now, let’s go back and see how John is doing?

John, you just about crashed into The Empire State Building.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.

[Martha King:]
John you just about crashed into The Empire State Building.

[John King:]
Hey, that would be cool.

[Martha King:]
Folks have fun when you’re flying and by all means please.

[John King:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Stay out of the trees.

Flight Simulator 2000

Flight Simulator 2000

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