FilmCow Merlin Reacts To The Fine Brothers


FilmCow Merlin Reacts To The Fine Brothers

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[FilmCow Merlin Reacts To The Fine Brothers]

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Merlin Reacts to The Fine Brothers
An Enchanting Underwater Adventure

Greetings, friends. I’m Merlin, fish and wizard. No magic today. I’m afraid nothing any of you care either way.

Today, I would like to talk about reaction videos, oh boy.

Recently the creators of some of the internet’s most popular reaction videos The Fine Brothers have announced that you too can make such videos by licensing the format from them. It’s a win-win situation. You get to make videos of people reacting to things and they get some of your money.

Wait a minute, you might say. That doesn’t seem like a very good deal. Can’t I just make reaction videos on my own and keep all of the money.

Yes, yes, you can. It’s a total sham for the record. I do not believe that The Fine Brothers are trying to prevent people for making independent reaction videos.

To me, it seems like an example of two dudes who have gained success and then decided to use that success to leach off of people with less of it. And honestly, everyone seems to and figured out how silly the whole thing is. So I doubt if many will be suckered into it. But what actually bothers me about this nonsense, is the video they released announcing their scheme. I’m not going to show it here, because they have placed this in the description.

“You are prohibited from distributing this show or any React branded content in any way without express consent in any territory worldwide.”

This from people whose whole thing is distributing content they don’t own without permission including videos from our channel, the one you’re on right now, how interesting.

But I don’t want to risk it takedown request and so instead I will read you some special codes from their video.

“As digital media has become more corporate, the spirit of wanting to do things differently than traditional Hollywood has started to dissipate. But our company has never lost that spirit.”

I am nearly at a loss for words. Yes, your company still has that independent non-corporate spirit. As you announced a new exciting licensing and branding initiative. Good lord,

I’m sorry to break this to you, but everything from your actions to your terminology is a 100% cold Hollywood corporation. You are not different. Just because you say community a bunch and wear plaid shirts. Guess what? That’s how entertainment companies work now. You are not some special outlier.

“So if you are interested in creating your own version of any of our React formats, which if you don’t then, what is wrong with you.”

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you forever, fuck yourselves, go fuck yourselves, you fucks.

“We can’t wait to work with so many of you and change the world together.”

What the fuck impact do you think internet reaction videos have?

A 100 years from now you and everyone you know will be dead and no one will remember anything you’ve ever done, and if you would have been swallowed a whole by an alligators, as a child, the world today would be almost entirely the same.

As a wizard I have to ask how did you do it? How have you managed to get your head so far up your asses? It’s an amazing trick, truly incredible.

People would travel from around the world to see your act. The amazing Fine Bros. who have managed to shove their entire heads a literal lightyear up their asses.

I’m sorry perhaps I’m being harsh.

This is after all some trivial bullshit that affects nearly no one.

On the other hand, fuck you and your predatory foe community corporate bullshit. If you actually gave a shit about creating a community, you would be funding independent creations instead of trying to extract money from them.

An infinite number of fucks upon your heads good day.

“It’s not about the MONEY, it’s about creating a COMMUNITY that makes us money.”
– The Fine Bros, as interpreted by Merlin

FilmCow Merlin Reacts To The Fine Brothers

FilmCow Merlin Reacts To The Fine Brothers

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