Fe2aFala Remarks On Homsexuality


Fe2aFala Remarks On Homsexuality

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[Fe2aFala Remarks On Homsexuality]



Oh my dear god……
Deviants (homosexuals) marriage in Riyadh.

Before everything we would like to thank the religious Police. They beated their asses, they smacked them down! See the video

[Fe2aFala:] Source: LYBIO.net
I just wish that Hassan doesn’t know about this subject. Which subject? Marriage… Marriage between your same sex. What do you mean? Like marrying someone like me? No, god forbids! Not like you at all. You mean like I marry myself who can marry himself? It’ a man who marries a man. How disgusting and nasty is this! How can a man marries a man? How nasty is this! Are you dumb or stupid?

I’d really want to know the ones who were arrested, all of them were singles, except one who is married!

What the hell brought you with these scums? I really want to know why is the groom wearing a sleeveless shirt?

You really don’t know, he is going to marry or he is going for innoculation and the bride (trans man) when she goes to the Hair Salon what do they say? Hair, Makeup and a beard!

Oh god please… To put your godly wrath on them!

For me, what I know when women go to weddings, they dance, for them to get engaged and them, they are going for what point? What are they waiting for?

These are people here who engage and appreciate those talents.

Do you know that here in the census… that the number of women are more than men. That means that each male should have 2 females. One can get two girls and I only got one [guy]? I’ll tell you… we have a surplus of women, we have a large number of women that you can marry.
The fool, instead of marrying a woman he married a man.

I swear by god! Those people [homosexuals] need to get executed in the most horrific ways, execution by impalement!

Mahmood! These people [homosexuals] are mentally ill and need to be treated.

[Fe2aFala:] Source: LYBIO.net
Yes, that’s right. I’m mentally ill and I need your support, I need you and you, no not you, only you. I need all of you to stand up with me, we need a medicine.

It’s all up to you people. You are the judges. You only have three solutions for those people [homosexuals]

The first solution: We are mentally ill and we need cure, CURE.

The second solution: They are animals and they should get impaled!

The third solution: Since they are mentally ill, we should support them, and cure them. AND ONCE THEY GET TREATED immediately! We should impale them to death!


Fe2aFala Remarks On Homsexuality

Fe2aFala Remarks On Homsexuality

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Fe2aFala Remarks On Homsexuality. We should impale them to death! Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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