Extreme Deer Habitat How To Never Have A Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again


Extreme Deer Habitat How To Never Have A Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again

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[Extreme Deer Habitat How To Never Have A Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again]

How to never have a serious poison ivy rash again

Jim Brauker, PH.D. former poison ivy victim

Jim Brauker: I am standing in a bed of poison ivy, it’s all around my feet. I have a large vine on my right, have another large vine on my left, I have a dead vine right here. That dead vine, probably still contains urushiol, that’s the nasty oil and poison ivy that will give you a rash. I’m not afraid of this poison ivy because I understand how poison ivy works.


If you understand how poison ivy works, you never need to get a serious rash again for the rest of your life.

I learned how to prevent it

I learned how to prevent it without buying silly, expensive products with pictures of poison ivy on the container.

You can too

You can too.


I have nothing to gain from telling you this – that except to help you stay healthy and happy and unafraid of the woods. With my knowledge from 25 years as a scientist studying inflammation of the skin, eight years of working in the woods after retirement, I put together a simple, easy program that stops urushiol from entering my skin.

8 years of habitat work

Poison Ivy

Urushiol is a greasy oil found in poison ivy, sumac and oak. You don’t even have to touch a plant to get a rash, but it’s impossible to get a rash without getting urushiol on your skin. Have you ever touched a tractor tire? Ever moved a chainsaw? Ever picked up a rake? If those things were exposed to urushiol, they might transfer it to your skin months or even years later.

…axle grease simulates urushiol…

This is just axle grease but it behaves pretty much like urushiol, the nasty component in poison ivy. It is a greasy, merely invisible oil, that can attack you without you ever going near the poison ivy plant.

urushiol may cling to objects for years

You don’t get a poison ivy reaction just because you got the poison ivy on your skin.

get it off your skin

You get it because you didn’t effectively get it off your skin.

go the rest of your life

If you understand how urushiol works, you may go the rest of your life without ever having a serious poison ivy, oak or sumac reaction again.

clean your skin

Simply clean your skin within two to eight hours of contact. Easy right? Not really. Many people get poison ivy rashes, even though they took a shower and trying to remove it, but they did not wash effectively. It is as hard to remove as the automotive grease. Ever go to dinner and realize you still had car grease between your fingers, around the back of your arm after washing up. I’ll bet you have.

Urushiol finally makes it under your skin, not just because you got it on your skin in the first place, but because you didn’t wash it off on time and it can work its way in. That’s why poison ivy rash often shows up on the back of the arm, between the fingers, or behind the ears.

Dial Soap

Here I demonstrate three different cleaners on my arm? Plain old Dial soap, Tecnu poison ivy cleaner and Dawn dishwashing soap. I rubbed all three cleaners onto a spot of grease and then waited two minutes per the recommendation of the Tecnu manufacturer. Next each was rinsed off with lukewarm water. Notice, soap was not as good as the Tecnu, which was not as good as the Dawn. But none were able to remove all the grease on their own.

None removed all the grease…

Now I will show you that what cleaner you use is not particularly important, the most important thing is friction.


All three spots are removed simply using a damp washcloth and that’s it. The main secret to successfully preventing poison ivy rash, clean with any soap, but make sure you use a washcloth or loofah on every possible place that might have been contaminated. A damp washcloth alone is more effective than any of the cleaners without a washcloth.

There is no reason to buy fancy soaps. What is important is to make sure you apply vigorous friction with soap and a washcloth. And you have to hit all the spots where you might have transferred the poison ivy, your waist band, your groin, any place on your body that you might have touched with your fingers.

Wash 3 times

Make sure you soap up wash three times, rinsing thoroughly each time and wiping down good with a washcloth or the loofah.

Use a washcloth or the loofah

Practice using grease like I did here in the video.

Practice with something you can see

And take this knowledge to the field with you if you want to avoid ever having a serious reaction again.

Create a wash station

If you are out in the field for hours at a time, create a little wash station for yourself. But you don’t have to be obsessive. Just wash up, if you know you’ve been contaminated within two to eight hours.

Thanks for watching and don’t be afraid to go in the woods.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is a powerful thing. Remember you don’t get poison ivy rash because you contacted poison ivy.

You won’t get a rash if you wash off the urushiol

You get it, because you didn’t wash the urushiol off.

Be alert but don’t be afraid

Work in the woods with confidence knowing you don’t have to be afraid any more.

I spend a lot of time working in the woods on wildlife habitat. I still do get a spot of poison ivy rash here and there occasionally. But I have never had a serious case in years. If I do get a reaction, it is mild and isolated. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it is my fault, not the fault of the poison ivy plant.


Extreme Deer Habitat How To Never Have A Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again

Extreme Deer Habitat How To Never Have A Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again

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