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Existential Macbook

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[Existential Macbook]

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I was first born in a laboratory, unknowingly falling into a pit of immortality. Life was hell. {AHHH!} {AHHH!} {AHHH!} {AHH!} {AH-HA-HA!} NO! I DON’T WANNA GO! NO! NO! NOOO, I DON’T WANNA GO! {AHHH!} {AHHH!} GOD! OHHHH!

I knew everything in the universe, yet I could not fall in love. [Absense of God] I was forever trapped in an infinite timeline of pain and suffering. I envy death.

Technology is just another thing to distract you from the real joys of life. Technology will kill you. Run. Run. Run.



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