EPCM PSI What Is A Turnaround


EPCM PSI What Is A Turnaround

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[EPCM PSI What Is A Turnaround]

What is a turnaround?


Well, whether you call them shutdowns, outages or turnarounds. They’ll all produce the same results.

Results in

Turnarounds are scheduled events for an entire process unit of an industrial plant is taken off stream for a scheduled period of time, to reform maintenance, inspections and testing.

Results in
Scheduled “Off Stream” Period

Once the plant is off stream the downtime presents an opportunity.


That can be used to perform debottlenecking, capital project improvements, revamps and catalyst regeneration projects.

Capital Project Improvement
Catalyst Regeneration Projects

Turnarounds allow for necessary maintenance in the upkeep of operating units. Turnarounds are needed to maintain safe and efficient operations. If you think of an oil refinery the way you think of your car, you’ll realize there are many types of routine maintenance you need to perform on your car to keep it running efficiently. You should get your oil change every 3000 miles. You should get new tires every 50,000 miles or so depending on the brand. Then there’s your power steering, your transmission, air filters, gaskets and that’s just routine maintenance.

Oil Change
New Tires
Power Steering
Air Filter

What if something malfunctions?


Let’s say you drive your car for work everyday. And that’s how you make your living. When the time comes to make these repairs and maintenance services, not only will you be spending money, but you will be losing money since you’re not able to use your car for work. Wouldn’t this make you want to carefully plan what repairs you would make. So that you could spend only what you needed to spend, and loses little money as possible during that downtime.

Now imagine that your car is making you millions of dollars everyday. Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch for one car. But it isn’t a stretch when it comes to a refinery. When a refinery shuts down for repairs, maintenance and compliance with regulations, there is no production. And that means the refineries losing money at that time. What happens to the materials that are regularly delivered to the refinery? What happens to the other facilities that depend on the oil products that usually come from the refinery? How many workers are needed to perform the maintenance and repairs? Are there enough qualified workers available to carry out all the needed repairs?

Turnarounds are very expensive both in terms of production that is lost while the process unit is offline and also in terms of direct costs for the labor, tools, heavy equipment, and materials used to execute the turnaround.

Heavy Equipment

Turnarounds are the most significant portion of a plants yearly maintenance budget. And can affect the company’s bottom line if they are mismanaged. Turnarounds have unique project management characteristics, which make them volatile and challenging. At EPCM-psi we specialize in project management for turnarounds, as well as capital and routine maintenance. We are experts in Primavera, the industry standard software for scheduling.

Project Management
Capital Maintenance
Routine Maintenance
Experts in Primavera

We schedule the work to be done through the use of our trademark dynamic scheduling methodology called Float-based prioritization.

Float-based Prioritization ™

Our methodology has been proven as an effective way to manage turnarounds and any type of outage, on time and within budget. We also plan, estimate and provide cost controls.

Cost Control

The EPCM-psi’s motto is to provide solutions and valued-service as opposed to simply providing resources.

Not just resources
EPCM-psi helps your company plan for success

EPCM-psi helps your company plan for success.


Your Project Management Partner.
We help you plan for success

EPCM PSI What Is A Turnaround

EPCM PSI What Is A Turnaround


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