EMT Fail Let Patient Roll Down Hill


EMT Fail Let Patient Roll Down Hill

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[EMT Fail Let Patient Roll Down Hill]

Okay, my brother sent me this, he works as a security guard over at a hospital. Right, okay. So… Um… here you see the paramedics and they’ve got, they’ve got from what I understand it, it was like a 75 year-old man on this um… stretcher here. Ok.

So this is the weird part, and doesn’t say very much about these paramedics but they start arguing over the door. I’m like, leave the door open, someone will take care of it, it’s okay. You know, so ok, watch – watch this part it’s crazy!

I mean, I’m just shocked that these guys have jobs still.

You know – like – look at that! Look at that! He didn’t even – he didn’t even – you know, put brakes – there’s gotta be brakes on that the thing, right? Right?

Look. Oh, look. Oh no! Oh… my god… the car, I forgot about that! Ok.

And look at that – and they – now this is an old person on the that – this is what’s crazy, okay, so they’re – you know, they’re panicking, and it doesn’t even look like they’re moving him very well, but – I don’t know – maybe they thought oh… he’s got dementia or something, no one will believe him, I don’t know – I just a really sad day – and then the person that sits him, they’re like, ‘ah, what’s happening, did I hit this person in the stretcher?!’

So their they are, – they are – I wish I can get you closer, you can’t really see it as well but it’s ah…. I’m telling you, if this really gets out, this video, someone is going to own a hospital or someone’s relatives are going to be – going to be very rich. So um… you know uh… it’s best to have witnesses, when you get picked up at the paramedics, or taken somewhere, I don’t even know, alright, it’s fun to share, thanks.

EMT Fail Let Patient Roll Down Hill

EMT Fail Let Patient Roll Down Hill

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