Emirates Jennifer Aniston A380


Emirates Jennifer Aniston A380

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[Emirates Jennifer Aniston A380]

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Well, hello. Can I help you, sir?

I’m just about to begin my journey back.

Really? And where’s that to?

Back to my mom and dad.

What do you say I be your copilot?




Oh gosh, hold on. Sorry. My name’s Jennifer but my friends call me Jen.

My name’s Cooper, but you can call me Coop. Is it possible for me to refuel with some carrot juice?

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Emirates A380 First and Business Class Onboard Lounge

Carrot juice, huh?

I want to be a pilot when I grow up, and good eyesight is very important.

Smart. Could we have two carrot juices please?

Certainly, Madam.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.


So you want to fly planes when you grow up, huh?

Yeah, but this is the best plane, Jen, so I only want to fly this plane.


Oh dad, do you want to meet my copilot?

Hi there.

Oh, hello.

This thing has so many games and so many movies. It’s crazy.


Hi madam, would you like to go back to your seat now?

Oh no, no, I’m good.

Oh wait, do you think their mom’s ok?

Oh, she’s doing just fine.

When I’m a pilot you’ll be able to fly around the world even faster.

That’s a shame, it’s so nice up here.

Hello Tomorrow Emirates

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Emirates Jennifer Aniston A380

Emirates Jennifer Aniston A380

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