Elon Musk’s Video Game Recommendation


Elon Musk’s Video Game Recommendations

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[Elon Musk’s Video Game Recommendations]

[Samuel H. “Sam” Altman:]
I’m looking for a new video games play can you give me a recommendation?

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Overwatch.

[Samuel H. Altman:] I play Overwatch.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Yeah it’s great.

[Samuel H. Altman:] Anything else? Overwatch is amazing.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Overwatch is amazing, yeah. Generally Blizzard is great stuff. Well there’s Hearthstone.

[Samuel H. Altman:] I haven’t tried that yet.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Yeah.

[Samuel H. Altman:] I know people love it.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] That’s what my kids play the most, is Hearthstone.

[Samuel H. Altman:] Alright.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Also from Blizzard.

[Samuel H. Altman:] I’ll check that out tonight. Alright, well thank you very much for the time and I got to get going.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Source: LYBIO.net
Cool. Oh do you play anything – or watch – I mean? Have you tried the new Deus Ex?

[Samuel H. Altman:] I have tried the new Deus Ex.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] It’s okay but like it is…

[Samuel H. Altman:] The – the best game I played recently is not a super new game, is The Last of Us.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Oh is it really?

[Samuel H. Altman:] It’s from a couple years ago.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Sure.

[Samuel H. Altman:] I loved it.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Okay, Last of Us.

[Samuel H. Altman:] Yeah.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] You liked that too. Is it really good?

That’s great.

Uncharted 2.

[Elon Reeve Musk:]
Yeah I heard good things about Uncharted.


[Samuel H. Altman:]
I was just…

[Elon Reeve Musk:]
Really The Last of Us…

[Samuel H. Altman:]
Storytelling kind of video game.

[Elon Reeve Musk:] Source: LYBIO.net
I mean, that’s really neglected. I mean that’s the criticism I’ve heard of the latest Deus Ex, is that the storytelling is kind of lame. Where’s the one – the prior Deus Ex and the original – original Deus Ex was – the storytelling was amazing. I don’t if anybody has played – have you played the original Deus Ex?

[Off Camera:]

[Elon Reeve Musk:]
That was killer?

[Samuel H. Altman:]
As games have become more like a replacement for the NFL I think the storytelling just gets generally neglected.

[Elon Reeve Musk:]

[Samuel H. Altman:]
So it’s like especially striking to play one that was like absolutely cinematic story telling.

[Elon Reeve Musk:]
Yeah. Yeah, in some of the oldest games, the graphics and sound were terrible so they had to rely on storytelling.

[Samuel H. Altman:]
Yeah the old Mario games had incredible story.

[Elon Reeve Musk:]

Elon Musk's Video Game Recommendations

Elon Musk’s Video Game Recommendations

Elon Musk’s Video Game Recommendations. I play Overwatch. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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