Elliott Morgan Hi, I’m Depression. Nice To Meet You


Elliott Morgan Hi, I’m Depression. Nice To Meet You

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[Elliott Morgan Hi, I’m Depression. Nice To Meet You]

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Hey, there everybody. My name is depression. Welcome to Happy Hour. Tonight I’ll be having just whatever you’re having.

So I was hanging out with my friend Pride the other day, again he starts to bragging typical, about how he recently won the world’s greatest vice competition. And it made sense, because he’s totally ripped, not that that matters, not that anything matters. But he starts telling me that he doesn’t even consider himself a symptom anymore. He actually considers himself a chemical and the way he does it is he like, gets in the people eyes and specifically their corneas, so that anything, anybody ever sees is filtered through prep. And he starts telling me that I should try this. I should try going after people’s eye. And it do his little workout regiment.

And I don’t want to sound condescending, but I also don’t want sound racist, but a lot of these vices, that I know, can be kind of flaky. I’m talking like pride, and selfishness and enviousness, it’s like get on my level guys, really. Like you think you are cool because you temporarily allow people to operate in their most primal state, Whoopy Freaking Doo.. okay. Because I’m not in the business of filtering people, I infect people, I allow them to see everything.

Brian thinks he’s cool because like, he’s the world’s greatest vice, okay. I have a friend who is an emotion named happiness, who’s the world’s most favorite emotion, like, give me a break.

I’m the world’s most common disorder, all right. Vices can be cured with like a really good Sunday school service.

Emotions can be cured with a really good Channing Tatum movie and a long phone chat, not me.

I attack people’s friends and families, I make them resent the victim. You know how hard that is? I just threw our relationships so that my friends, like; sadness and pride can do their adorable little jobs and fight for their employee of the month parking spaces. And I hesitate to call sadness a friend. The dude will not stop dressing like me. And I want him, people gets confuse sometimes, no, I could crush him. But on the other hand, if they confuse us, it allows us to kind of – allows me to just keep doing it – my thing.

I don’t filter people, I resent that, I would never filter. I let them see everything regardless of how good the situation is. They might be in the best relationship of their lives, and – or have all the money that they could ever want, or be at the perfect job, I’ll invalidate all of it. Can you say the same about your little vices and emotions, no you can’t. And I’ll pull from everything, I’ll take a little chemical with pride, and I’ll take heredity, I’ll take dopamine, your actual brain juices, I’ll take your past experiences, I’ll take your current situations and I’ll mix up them and make little cocktail and with a bunch of apathy, and self-loathing, and I’ll destroy any sense of purpose. And I’ll do my personal favorite thing to do, which is to create nothing, it’s just vacuum. You don’t see me bragging. I’m just in the background, doing my thing. Being all proud, look at me, all right.

Um…so I have to get it off of my chest, I got to give me alcoholism for a late dinner, its probably going to make me by the drinks, of course. But I just wanted to say all that. And one piece of advice to any friends who might end up watching this – looking at you lust. Um…if you want to survive in your next victim, it’s very important that you create your own insulation.

So for example, any time I choose a victim the first thing I start to doing is manufacturing shame and sort of just insulate my office with it. And now in anytime, anybody looks my direction they feel embarrassment, and a weakness and no way – they have no idea that there is a disease living inside them.

So anyway, okay, yeah, I got to go. Hope you ordered the breadsticks or something but uh… cool, yeah, thanks. Oh, a toast, right, so tonight’s toast goes to the very of anything that is ever worth toasting.

Hi guys, so what I was trying to do there was represent depression as a disease that transcends, socio-economic barriers or personal circumstances, and it’s not simply an emotion, and it’s not simply a feeling, and it’s not simply something you should be ashamed of.

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I don’t know if any of it came across – regardless, if you are feeling like you might be depressed, please talk to somebody, anybody. And if you’re feeling any sort of suicidal tendencies or having suicidal thoughts, you can call 1-800-273-TALK, and I imagine based on the word talk in there, you can talk to people there. All right, cool, I love you guys. Thanks, bye. Oh… [kiss]

Elliott Morgan Hi, I'm Depression Nice To Meet You

Elliott Morgan Hi, I’m Depression Nice To Meet You

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Elliott Morgan Hi, I’m Depression. Nice To Meet You. If you are feeling like you might be depressed, please talk to somebody. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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