Ellen DeGeneres Saying I’m Gay


Ellen DeGeneres Saying I’m Gay

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[Ellen DeGeneres Saying I’m Gay]

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That particular show, the energy in the room was like – it was electric, it was insane and every time I would say, I am gay, when I’d lean forward to the microphone, I’d say, I am gay for the rehearsal every time I’d sob because I’d never said that.

I mean – I think I’d said it once to my mother when I came out. Like you don’t walk around saying I am gay to one another because you know if you’re in a gay bar it’s pretty much like nobody just goes over and says I am gay.

So to say the words, I am gay, came from such a place of like – you know – like I said, it had been shame that had been just self hatred and – and you know – all these, all these feelings that society feeds you on a daily basis that to tell you that you’re wrong.

So for me to say I am gay was just this – every – every rehearsal I would sob, I had to – I had to finally for the show, thank god that had all kind of come out of me because I was supposed to sob, but it was a very emotional show.

Ellen DeGeneres Saying I'm Gay

Ellen DeGeneres Saying I’m Gay

Ellen DeGeneres Saying I’m Gay. So to say the words, I am gay, came from such a place. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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