El Kachon Call


El Kachon Call

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[El Kachon Call]

The river brought the music,
From the other distant shore
Sneaked in and caught the senses,
with a sound of a harp

Voice of the midnight singer,
echo through the darkest night.
Walking on the water,
hat hid his misty eyes.

With one hand, playing blues
with other reaching for a dream.
The hidden secret in notes,
sneaks out a melody.

Drown in the shadow,
I surrender to the night call.
Out of reach of the people all over the world.
Rhythm carries me away….

Gave birth to myself,
And die for the others.
Walked all alone,
But guided I have been.
Darkness is my ally,
And the song my deepest dream.
The music is all I know
And all I know is a harmony

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El Kachon Call

El Kachon Call

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El Kachon – Call
Camera & Directed: Maj Valerij
Music: Sondža/Mladen Cetina
Lyrics: Sondža

CD PLN -Permanently Lubricated Nuts

Tina Gerbec Radaković: vocal
Tomi Perinčič: guitar
Andrej Barbič – Krt: guitar
Sondža: bass
Žiga Dobravc: drums
Primož Malenšek – PimpS: percussion

Nenad Patković – keyboards
Dejan Radičević – whistling

Recording & mix Dejan Radičević – Daisy v RSL studiu Novo mesto & DaisyMusic studio September 2014 – March 2015

Mastering: Ladislav Agabekov, Caduceus Mastering studio Geneva April 2015

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